I love doing cardio!!!! (Was that enough exclamation marks?)

It is my favorite thing to do at the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I like hitting the weights, but there is something about looking at calories being burned on a screen that is cool.

So I was on the elliptical machine at my gym watching TV. I always watch ESPN because, well, I am a guy and I like to watch sports. Well……

Almost all sports. Bass fishing was on, so it was time to turn the channel.

All of the sudden, I saw the most amazing infomercial.

Now, I love infomercials. You have heard me talk about Tony Horton’s PZ458ejkdjdkfj Bodynasty kickin chicken boot camp thingy, but what I saw on the television this time blew my mind!

It is my all time favorite!

It is……


I do not know if it works. I do not really know what it is. It is 7 workout things in one. Isn’t that what every fitness infomercial is:

“Hey gals, you want to fit in those hot jeans, sew a sweater, and write a book. Now you can with the new Cardioknitpen! Not sold in stores.”

There is something different about this machine. Look at the video.

Notice something?

Well, here is what I noticed.

Everyone working out on the Cardio Twister looked sexy!

I mean everyone! With the Kid Rock lighting in the back, and the slow motion of highlighting the body parts, the guys and gals looked sexy.

When I saw the video for the first time, I looked around the gym to see if I saw anyone sexy.

Hmmmm, well, there is Male Model man, but I do not think women would find him sexy, maybe more like distinguished.

There are the BlackBerry twins, but I do not think they have been called sexy since 1979.

I definitely am not sexy. Sweat everywhere, dancing on the elliptical like I am at the 2003 VMA awards.

I even think I threw in a half-snake move on the machine. Or was that the Cabbage Patch.

No, no one I saw was sexy at the gym. Then it dawned on me:

No one is supposed to look sexy at the gym!

The gym can be a intimidating place, but it is a place to make yourself feel better. It is a place to get healthier. Sweating and running does not need to be sexy or super fun. It just needs to have results.

When I was over 400 pounds, there was no one even close to my weight at the gym. I always wondered:

“Shouldn’t more people my weight be here. It is a place to lose weight!”

Today looking around, I did not see a lot of people at the gym. I wish more people would have the confidence to work out.

It helps so much for self-esteem.

After my Cardio Twister video, I looked down at the machine and it said I burned 832 calories. I do not know how accurate that truly is.

All I know is that number was very sexy!

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