John claimed that he is the worst weight loss blogger.

I totally disagree with him! He is not even close to being the worst weight loss blogger. In fact, he is an awesome weight loss blogger.

No, there is someone who “claims” to be a a great weight loss blogger.

He is actually the worst weight loss blogger.

That weight loss blogger is me.

Yes, TheAntiJared is the worst weight loss blogger!

When I read great weight loss blogs, I read about struggles. I read about food issues!

“Well, today work was rough! When I got home, my husband had the nerve to get Pizza. PIZZA! He knows that is my trigger food. What an A**. Uhh, I had a few slices, but tomorrow is a new day!”

No, see, that has not happened to me over the last year. I have gone through two job changes, my father in the hospital, my wife having “pregnant” cravings, and other issues.

Just so you know, people told me I would fail two months into my plan, it has been 13 months so far. Still not a diet soda in sight.

I stuck to my plan. The same plan I will stick with for a while! Being over 400 pounds was not an option for me anymore.

Great weight loss bloggers are very supportive:

“I know you gained six pounds, but that is probably water weight! There is NO WAY you can gain that much weight by eating a few slices of cake!”

I am supportive, but to a point. I love to help people, but it is hard to give advice to those who want to make excuses for their weight loss or failures.

At 420 pounds, no one felt sorry for me. People were angry that I was at that weight.

The angriest one was me.

During my weight loss, I changed the way I ate and worked out. I never treated the scale like “The Wheel Of Fortune” where I would hop on, spin, and pray for a loss, or a minimal gain.

I finally realized that a CONSISTENT healthy life was the only way for me, and the scale meant nothing, as long as I was getting healthier.

Great weight loss bloggers go away for a while:

“I have been busy, sorry I have not blogged for a while. Life has been tough.”

I have consistently wrote at least four posts a week for the last 6 months. I have written in airports, Starbucks, parent’s house, and even in my car once.

Sure, they are all about the same topic, but hey, no one said I was a great writer!

Weight loss bloggers think about the future, and do not think about the present:

“Well, I ate a lot today, but tomorrow is a new day.”

I know that if I can not do it today, then I will not do it tomorrow.

You see, I am sure I will offend people when I write.

I am ok with that.

I have been offended a lot when I was over 400 pounds. From the person who told me I would get Diabetes to the employee who called me a Fat F***, to my doctor who told me I would die.

The truth is, they were all right. I just never wanted to hear it. I was to busy worrying about how someone told me something instead of the content. Sometimes, things do not need to be sugar coated. I learned that, not only through my weight loss, but through the negative emails I still receive to this day.

So John, you are not the worst weight loss blogger. I am!

Honestly, I am proud of it. Because if I was a great weight loss blogger, I would be well over 400 pounds.

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