Change is good!

Well, a lot has happened over the last month. Although I hit my “goal”weight a month ago, I still have a lot to get accomplished with my life!

March 3rd was the last time I talked about my weight. When I hit my goal (which was under 200 pounds, 198.8 to be exact) I changed the way I looked at myself.

First off, I have decided to weight myself only once a month at Weight Watchers. Do not get me wrong, I love Weight Watchers, but for me, it is more about feeling good than what the scale says.

Plus, I am pretty confident in the way I am eating now. In fact, I have even changed my eating a little more over the last month, just to make it a little cleaner. Here are a few changes:

Out of the AntiJared eating arsenal:
Fiber One
All Bran
Beef Jerky
Double Fiber Bread

Into the AntiJared eating arsenal:
Sweet Potatoes
Puffed Rice/Wheat

The one thing I have also done is changed my workouts. If you remember before, I was all about Circuit Training at the gym (Doing machines as fast as you can).

Well, now I am changing that up a little bit as well. I am not using any more machines, but using free weights. I am still doing my cardio, but not I am working out heavy four days a week with the dumbbells and barbels. I am actually loving it.

It has been very weird not to weigh myself, but I made a promise not to. I need to have the confidence in me that I am eating and moving the right way. The scale is a guide, but I know that if I eat well, I will not gain the weight back.

Well, I snuck a weigh-in at the gym today (Unofficial), and I have maintained my weight of 198 pounds.

Here is what I did not expect, Since March 3rd, I have lost 5% bodyfat. Well, I am not sure how accurate the machine is at the gym. I mean, I can not use calipers because of my loose skin, and I still do not know how accurate it is when you hold onto some handles.

But that is what it said. 5% less.

Not only that, but I can tell a difference in my pictures. Here, talk a side by side comparison of my pics, 10 days apart. The white shirt is the most recent.

There is a difference.

If you know me, I am not the best at giving advice, but I do have one piece to give out.

If you get to a place where you feel you might get stuck, change it up a little. That is what I have learned.

I say that I eat fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meats, but my “diet” is so much more than that.

Anyway, just a quick post to let you know what I have been doing over the last month. Now back to my double spaced posts on pride and inspiration.

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