So last week I was at work when I got a e-mail. It was titled “Your WW Success Story”.

It was from a PR woman from Weight Watchers. She was following up on stories from a contest last year. She said mine was impressive. At the time, I lost 114.8 pounds.

She wanted to see if I lost anymore weight and if I go to meetings. She was interested in my story!

When I used to make the same mistake as a child, my Dad would look at me and say “How many times are you going to get hit in the head with a hammer before you realize it hurts?”

I have been hit in the head by WW too many times!That is why I do not get excited with WW anymore.

When I first started my weight loss journey, I joined WW. I did it because I wanted to see what I weighed. I have not been able to go on a scale in years.

At my first meeting, I heard the leader describe this wonderful world of points.

“As a big guy, you get 44 points a day, plus you get 35 weekly points. See, you do not have to starve yourself! You can eat what you want!”

Eat what you want. Those four words are what got me to 420 pounds!

I tracked all of my points the first month. I realized a few things though:

I realized that I did not understand a zero point snack. How was it that a 1/2 cup of Fiber One was zero points, but a cup was 2 points? To me, it made no sense.
I realized that I was bad at judging food. In fact, a lot of WW people are bad at it. I saw a woman eat a apple the size of a bowling ball one day telling her friend “This is the best one point snack ever!”
I realized that I could not count points forever. I did not want to be on a month or two month journey. I owed it to my wife and myself to live a healthy life!
I realized that I had over 200 pounds to lose. I was not going to do it by controlling my portions of the same foods I always ate. My portions would get bigger. It is like telling a gambler to lower his bets. Eventually, he will bet his house on the Super Bowl! I had to change my life.

At the time, WW had a different option called Core, which is basically Phase 2 of The South Beach Diet. I started doing that, and fell in love with it. No tracking, just healthy eating. I felt better, and full! I was still given 35 points, but I used that on fruits and vegetables.

I also read “The F-Factor Diet Book” which changed the way I look at fiber. I have made sure that I eat 35 grams of fiber a day for over eight months on the journey.

I also made exercising a priority in my life. I have seen too many people lose weight and look like a shell of their former self. It is nice to look in the mirror and not recognize myself. I look and feel healthy!

Now, with all that aside, I will say that WW changed my life! It has made me the person I am today, which is confident and not afraid to talk about my past.
The best parts of WW or any program, and I have said this so many times, are the members and the meetings.

Yes you!

And I do not mean this member:

“Okay, so I ate a sheep, a 1997 Miata, and a lamp, but…… I tracked all of my points and I only ate two of the hubcaps on the Miata!”

Just because you track your points does not mean you have a healthy lifestyle.

Or this person:

“I do not understand why I gained weight. I ate so clean. I had whole wheat pasta, WW two point chips, and a cow!”

Delusion will never let you get healthy!

No, I am talking about the 99.9 percent of the awesome members I have met at WW and on my blog.

When I first started to go to WW, I only listened at meetings. I heard the same pitfalls that I was going through. It really helped me.

Finally, I got the courage to start talking about my downfalls as well. I would talk about the struggles I have had in the past, and also the victories I had in the present.

And to me, THAT is what WW is about. That is what any weight loss program is about.

Not the points, but the support!

WW also gave me the courage to blog, To tell you my story.

I might not be the best writer in the family, but I do have a great story to tell!

A lot of people on WW read my blog, and they are always there for me. I know when I am struggling, I will get comments from people bringing me up! I am thankful for the commenter!

I also see a lot of people in blogland on WW who are struggling as well.
I also see so many people supporting them! That is awesome. That is what “diets” are about!

The truth is it does not matter what plan you are on, the key is to follow the plan and support!

That is what I learned! That is what has made me successful so far, over a year!

So I called the PR lady from WW, and told her how I have lost over 200 pounds now, how I was a chef, how I did not get surgery, how I have moved people with my story and my consistent writings.

I also told her how I would probably never be in a WW magazine nor on the website.

I also told her that my diet, although a little crazy, is considered WW. Well, kind of…….

She laughed and said:

“Yeah, you are right you will probably not be in the magazine. Losing over 2 pounds a week is not what WW is looking for. But God Damn that is a good story!”

Yep, good story indeed!

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