I might have told this story a long time ago, but it is a great one. It defines the kind of person I am.
Here I am in 1989, twenty years ago. Man, what I would do to get that sweet head of hair back!
Like a baby Fabio!
Well, a 5 foot 1, 220 pound Fabio!
In 1989, I was a normal 12 year old kid. I loved baseball cards, I hated junior high, and I really wanted a girl to like me.

More important than all of that, I loved video games! We had a Nintendo and a Commodore 64. Commodore 64, the older brother of the Vic 20!
In 1989, the Nintendo Gameboy was coming out.
That is right, portable fun!

I remember hearing about it and begging my parents for one.

“Can I get a Gameboy?”

Gameboy! Don’t you already have a Nintendo!”

“Yeah, but you can carry this system around. Plus, it has a game called Tetris that is educational!”

“Educational! Chess is a educational game! How much is this system.”

“It is only $89.99.”

I thought when you are a kid, you can put the word “only” in front of anything to soften the blow. I was wrong. It makes you not respect the money you are asking for.

“If you want this Gameboy so bad, you can earn the money to get it.”

So my parents came up with this crazy list of cleaning projects around the house. It was a list of like fifty different things. Each item had a dollar value by it, which included:

Washing the kitchen floor- $0.75
Mowing the grass- $2.35
Cleaning the bathroom- $1.95
Vacuuming the carpet- $2.15
My parents wanted me to learn the value of a dollar.
Obviously, since they were going to give me less than three dollars to mow that monstrous yard!

They told me to work on the list for a couple of weeks, and when I was done, they would take me to Sears to get a Gameboy.
I was excited! That was some good parenting to get me cleaning
. This list was made at 11am on a Saturday.

On Sunday at 5am, I woke up my parents:

“Mom/Dad, I am done with the list. Can you check everything for me. What time does Sears open?”

I worked for 18 straight hours to finish this list. I sacrificed sleep, and did not do the homework I was supposed to do. I wanted that Gameboy!
My Mom and Dad woke up and checked everything on the list. It was all done. Not only was it all done, but it was done well.

I got my Gameboy later that day. My Dad ended up stealing it from me because he fell in love with Tetris.
He is the most amazing Tetris player I have ever seen!

Now that I look back, I realized something about myself. Maybe it is about you as well.
When I was overweight, people called me lazy. I was so far from being lazy. I have never been nor will I ever be lazy. I just sometimes direct my energy on the wrong things.

Maybe I should have worked on my diet instead of driving from fast food restaurant to fast food restaurant?
Maybe I should have worked out instead of playing XBox Live?
Maybe I should have joined Weight Watchers instead of watching television?

In life I have always put 300% of my efforts in things. I need to use that for good, not for frivolous things!

I am sure you are the same way. I see bloggers writing this wonderful 3000 word masterpiece about why they can not get on track.
Ummmm, take some of that passion and use it at the gym.

Or someone who writes about how they never have time to work out, and then they write a huge post about “The Biggest Loser”.
Maybe it is time to miss an episode.

Either way, I know two things:

1. Overweight people are not lazy.

2. I really want that hair back!

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