I did some that I have never done.

Over the last year I have said that a lot.

I have a feeling I will be saying it a lot more!

Today I went to the gym, and under my sweet hoodie I wore a tank top.

Now, I have never ever worn a tank top outside of my house. I mean, why would I?
True, I do have a few pictures of me in a tank top from my house, but I have never worn one in front of other people. I was made fun of enough, I did not need more criticism!

So today I hit the gym. I have been on a real workout tear over the last few months.

I have never had a trainer.

No one waking me up at 5am.
No one yelling at me when I feel unmotivated.
No one taking my money when they work me out.

I do have a friend who gives me advice. He helps me design a workout, and I follow through. He is in real good shape, and he has been for his whole life. I learn from experts!

Now, I have been noticing that I am more athletic than I have ever been, which is not saying much. My workouts have been strong. I am trying new cardio equipment every time I go to the gym, and I am always changing up my routine.

Well, the other day, I went back to my boxing class. I have not been there in a month because of my work schedule. It is easier to go to the plush gym I have five minutes from my house!

When I went to the boxing gym, the instructor told us to do push-ups. I have always done push ups on my knees. I guess they are called “girl” push-ups even though I see girls doing regular ones all the time!

The other day I did 70 the regular way.

So today at the gym, I wanted to see how I looked in a tank top. To see if I was defined a little.

Why not?

I was surprised!

When I was working out, I saw definition in my body! I saw a vein in my shoulder.

In my shoulder! Wow!

You know, a year ago I set out to lose weight for the love of my wife. Now, maintaining is for the love of my family, including myself. I want to be the best I can be each and every day!

When I worked out in my tank top, I looked at myself and realized….

Hard work does pay off!

A year ago I could not tie my shoe. I could not do a lot of things! I only blog about it three times a week!

Today is different. Today I am a new person, full of hope. Hope is so important these days!

Not only do I truly look different, I am different!

A year ago I met a man who lost 300 pounds with gastric surgery. He was a great guy! He needed to lose the weight (being over 500 pounds) and he did successfully!
He was thinner, but when he showed me a picture of what he used to look like, he looked the same to me, just thinner.

I never wanted to be like that. I knew I needed to lose weight, but I wanted so much more. I needed to change my life. I needed to change the way I think. I needed to change for the better.

You know, I apologize to Jared. I was wrong! You can lose over 200 pounds with eating a couple of subs a day.

It takes a little more than subs to change your life. I am glad I realized that!

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