My wife is very worried!

I think that she loses sleep over this issue.
We rarely talk about it, but I am going to put her mind at ease.

I will have nothing to do with our child’s fashion!

It is a tough pill to swallow for me, but I will admit that I am the worst dresser of all time.

I have no fashion sense what so ever!

I have never been a great dresser. In my life, I would go through phases.I would see someone in a magazine or on TV, and want to dress like him.
Here is a list of my clothing idols and how they inspired me:
Bell Biv Devoe– I owned a pair of $200 Guess overalls that I would wear with one strap down.
Snoop Dogg– I owned a Jerome Bettis L.A. Rams Jersey with “Tah-Dow” on the back.
LL Cool J- Kangol Hat! Rock the Bells!
DMX– Skull Cap
Donnie Brasco– Brown Leather Jacket
I guess I am glad that Tupac did not inspire me or I would have a tattoo that said “Hug Life” on my chest (I am no thug!)
Well, in high school, I loved Saved By The Bell. Zach Morris AKA Preppy was my hero.
Good looking, smart without trying, and he got the girls!

In high school, I was kind of like Zach Morris, except I did not do so well academically, I was not good looking, and I did not get the girls.

But I wanted to dress like a prep!

One thing I did do in the early 90’s was lose weight in high school. I lost about 60 pounds, I was around 175 at my lowest weight.

My parents were thrilled that I lost the weight, and they told me I could get anything I wanted, within reason of course.
I already knew what I wanted!

Something with Tommy Hilfiger on it.

We went to the mall, and for some reason, out of the million Hilfiger items I could have chosen, I picked a orange jacket. Hey, it had the Hilfiger emblem on it, and that is all I needed.

I also remember losing weight the wrong way in high school. By doing that, I had a horrible self image of myself. At 175, I thought I was overweight. I was far from it!

When I went to Charlotte a few weeks back, I saw the Orange Hilfiger in my old closet. I had to try it on.
It fit me!
That is when I realized I was not overweight. For the first time in my life, I felt great!
Not so stylish, but great! Look at those shorts!

Last week, my wife bought me a treat. She got me a couple of Tommy Hilfiger shirts.
Here I am with my new Hilfiger and a Jenny Craig freezer bag.

Jenny Craig? I thought you were on Weight Watchers!

Hey, I told you I have never been hip!

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