When I was at a Weight Watchers meeting a few months back, I was sitting next to a couple of young ladies. They were in their mid-twenties, and maybe had 15 to 20 pounds to lose. They looked like they have not been members of WW for very long, due to the fact that they had all of the new booklets for WW with them.

They were talking about men in their lives. Here is how their conversation went:

Uhhh, I always pick the wrong guys. It is ridiculous!”

“Well, where do you meet most of the guys you go out with?”

Ummm, I met one off Match.com, he was OK, just not my type. Then I met a real CUTE one at the bar this weekend, but he just seems like a player. My sister hooked me up with someone, but he was a real jerk after the second date.”

“Well, you will meet the right one soon.”

“Yeah, I sooo doubt it. Guys are just jerks!”

“Trust me, the right one is out there!”

After the one girl said that, she saw me and said:

Uhhh, I am sorry. I am just venting!”

I told her there was not need to apologize.

That was exactly the way I look at food!

People email me questions a lot. The one question I always get is:

“How do you do it? How do you say no to certain foods although you work around it at a restaurant, your wife/family are not crazy eaters like you, and you drive by fast food restaurants all the time?”

Well, I respect the relationship I have with food.

You see, I have meet some crappy food in my day.

I used to go out with Ms. Pizza who I met at Match.Com, and Senora Cake who I met at a bar, and Madame Soda who my sister hooked me up with.

I always knew they were not the right things for me, but something always had me coming back for more. Maybe I was just prone to crap food. Maybe I just felt that the food was going to be as good as it was going to get from me.

Maybe I had no self-esteem, and that was the way to make myself feel better?

I never saw satisfaction in the long run. I remember going out with Pizza. It was great for the first five minutes, but after that I questioned myself. I would see a grease puddle from the slice under my chin. I would feel the oil on my fingers, and say

“Am I better than this?”

I would go out with the Cake as well, only on special occasions. I felt like I deserved it, because my sister’s mother’s uncle turned 43. I would always get the biggest piece, chomp it up and say

“Is this really worth it?”

I would hang out with Soda late at night. We would have a great time. But with all the sugar, I could not go to sleep. I also felt bloated. At the end, I would say

“I can do better.”

So instead of hating all food, I realized that food is wonderful, I just had to make better choices.

As silly as I am, I do see benefits from the fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and water I put into my body. On and off the scale.

I am not exhausted as often.
I can outrun my dog.
I can be there for my soon to be child.

I only know what it is like to be over 400 pounds. For me, there is nothing like tying my own shoe. Nothing like breathing without wincing.

Pizza, cake, and soda got me over 400 pounds. To lose over 200 pounds, I had to realize I was better than that!

I also know that if I go back, I am just short changing myself and my family. I am doing a selfish move. One that its not what I am about.

So to answer every one’s question, before you decide on a “plan” (And there are millions of them) ask yourself these questions.

1. Can I say no to certain foods. If not no, is it possible for me to “portion control” that item (For me, it is not!)
2. Do I deserve a better life.
3. Does my family deserve better.

Once you answer those, you are on your way to see how I lost over 200 pounds, and how to live a healthier life.

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