You know a little bit about me.

You know that I will post a song one minute, and then write something that is from the heart the next.

Well, this post is the reason I blog.

It is not only to be honest, but to show you a point of view from a former 400 pound plus person.

And truthfully, I really do not care if negative comments come in about it!

Today I was on Twitter when I saw a link for a post by a woman named Lisa. She is a fitness guru of sorts who writes a pretty popular blog.

She wrote a open letter to “The Biggest Loser” about their fitness strategies because she knew a woman who was injured by a crappy trainer.

She basically blamed reality television for the fitness industry, which makes no sense to me.

She talks about a woman who over did herself during a workout. Obviously, the woman did not research her trainer, nor did she have the courage to tell the trainer that she was over doing herself.

Lisa thinks “The Biggest Loser” is to blame.

Maybe you do as well. She got a ton of positive feedback about it.

Here is my opinion.

I blame the woman who was injured. No, I take it one step further.

I blame myself.

I blame myself for being over 400 pounds. For not having the courage to lose weight for so many years!

I blame myself for making my wife’s life Hell. Waking up every day, not knowing if I was going to have a heart attack or not, not knowing if I would live!

I blame myself for not working out. For not having the courage to move a little, get some sort of exercise.

I blame myself for not making a change even though I could not wipe myself in the bathroom. I could not fit into certain cars. I blame myself for crying every night and not doing a God Damn thing about it!

I blame myself for being so heavy that we could not adopt a child. I blame myself for not being able to get a better job because of my weight.

I blame myself for not having the courage to blame myself! It was everyone else’s fault!

My wife, family, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, my job, Snackwell’s, you name it!

It was every one’s fault.

I am not a fan of “The Biggest Loser”, but I will defend it here. It is a TV show. Just like Everyone Loves Raymond, Cheers, and Cops!

“The Biggest Loser” is not the issue.

We are the issue! We are to blame for our downfalls. We are the only one’s that can fix it!

I get emails about losing weight. Well, I will tell you the first step in getting a healthy life!

Blame Yourself!

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