Today was my weigh in day. It was not like the others.

My dog did not talk. She slept in this morning. Don’t ask me why she did. It is not like she has a rough life.

I went to the gym today, and “male model” was on the machine next to me. He was talking about sports with me. He has never said a word to me before.

He was real nice!

I got home, and my wife looked at me. Actually, she starred at me.

“You look thin!”

It is a funny thing she said that.I have thought the same thing for the last two months.

For the first time in my life, I feel thin!

My doctor told me that I would probably want to maintain my weight around 200. He said this when I was over 400 pounds.

“Doctor, 200 is still a lot of weight!”

“Not for you! Keep in mind that you are not going to be like everyone else. You will have close to 20-30 pounds of skin. 200 will be a good weight.”

As you know, I ate well, worked out, blah blah bla……..

But he was right. Around 200 pounds, I did feel thin. I looked thin. I was thin.

I started working out a little more and ate a little more. My weight loss decreased.

So today I walked into my Weight Watchers meeting. I hopped on the scale, and I lost 3 pounds!

Now, I weigh 198.8 pounds.

I lost 221.4, and am a proud resident of “Onederland“!

I also made the decision that it is time to maintain.197-199 is a perfect weight for me!

I do not want to lose any more weight. I am healthy.

I look and feel good!

When my doctor sees me this month, I am sure he will say the same.

There was no excitement for my entry in “Onederland” at the Weight Watchers meeting. No Fruities thrown in the air, no 90 year old women hoisting me on their shoulders, no hugs, which is the only real “zero point snack”.

No, this is what I got:

“Are you sure you paid your membership. Your card is expired. Didn’t you get a new one?Ummmm, these things won’t scan! We have a new cappuchino 1 point candy!”

Uhhh, Mondays with Barb and Beth are SOOOO much better!

I left the meeting and started driving home. I thought about how my journey began a year ago.

I also thought about how this is just the beginning of my life.

I thought about my blog, and how fun it is to write still.I will never stop, even if my wife and I are the only ones who read it! Then I thought:

Wow, now people can just make fun of me for being bald instead of bald and overweight!

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