I belong to a really nice gym here in Orlando!
It is really big, has three different circuit training routines, and a ton of different free weight and machine options! It should for what I pay every month! It is well worth it.

As many options as it has, there is nothing like the good ole elliptical machine I use every day.

It is a Precor Elliptical machine, and I love it!

Well, when I went to visit my Dad in Charlotte, I was able to use the gym there. Although my gym is small company in Florida, they actually have three in Charlotte. I was in workout luck!

At 5am, I drove in thirteen degree weather to the gym. When I got there, I was excited. The gym looked exactly like the one I go to in Orlando. They had all of the same free weights and workout machines.

Of course, no BlackBerry twins or Male Model there.

No, I got to see a whole new group of gym rats, which included:

Bring the Heat- A guy in a Dwayne Wade jersey
Boots a Plenty- A guy in construction boots
The Hotness- Some girl wearing Channel Sunglasses
Mama’s Family- A pregnant woman working out. Made me think of my wife and how much I missed her!

Well, with characters in place it was time for me to go do some cardio!

I went over to the cardio machines to see that…..

There was no Precor Elliptical Machine.

There were NO elliptical machines!

No, instead there were these Life Fitness skiing do-a-ma-bobbies! That is not the elliptical machine I was used to!

Now, the old Tony would have been mad and just left the gym. I do not handle change very well!

But hey, it was cold outside! Lets try something new out.

So I got on the machine, and started to go. I was rocking it at first, moving pretty fast! It felt good!

I realized that I was sweating a lot. I was not used to this machine. Then, I was breathing heavy! I was getting tired.

Finally, I was done! With more sweat on my than I have seen in a while, I looked at the machine to see how long I lasted. It said:


42 minutes! Well, I am used to doing 65 minutes on the elliptical. 42 minutes was not even close.

I left the gym, and felt like I failed. Although I had a good workout, I was used to doing 65 minutes. 65 minutes is where I felt comfortable in a cardio workout. 65 minutes was my “standard”.

My mind was pre-occupied with other things all day, but every so often I would think about my workout that morning. I would wonder why I could not do all 65 minutes on this machine. What if I could never do 65 minutes on the machine? Believe it or not, this really bothered me!

When I was in bed that night, I thought about it again. Then I realized something…..

Ten months ago, I could not even do 6 minutes on a elliptical machine.
This “Life Fitness” was a new machine for me. I can not master everything at once. I will have to do new things in my life adventure. I will “fail” in some of my tries, but I will have to learn to conquer what I can! Not just with working out, but with everything, including eating, and family/job related issues!

In other words, I will have to take a step backwards to take two steps forward!

So the next day at 5am, I drove to they gym in thirteen degree weather. I saw the machine I was on the day before, and gave it a go!

65 minutes later, I was sweating like I never have before.It was a nice feeling to succeed.

It was well worth taking the two steps back, especially since the Life Fitness Skiing Machine is all I use at the gym now for cardio!

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