I am not scared!

I am not sad!

I am not fearful!

I am incredibly happy!

I have lost an incredible amount of weight. I work very hard at it, changed my life, work out a good amount, and stay positive!

About three weeks ago, I talked about plateaus. I stated that I knew one was coming! I was a little scared, but knew I needed to embrace it!

I think I have been in one for a little bit, but I am not sure? I mean, I am losing weight, just not as much as I used to!

I have lost .8 pounds the last two weeks respectively. I have been pleased with the results!

I mean, I have not changed the way I have eaten, my workouts are consistent, I am just losing less weight!

When I get home from work though, I read other bloggers that lose the same amount of weight who are mad, or upset, or say that this is not worth it!

I also read blogs about people who lose INCREDIBLE amounts of weight, and when they hit this point, they lose focus, and do not work through it to achieve their ultimate goal!

That does put a little fear in me!

I have lost 4 pounds in a month. I lost 208 pounds the other 10 months.

I was getting a little scared!

I needed some motivation!

Something to help me through this “plateau”.

It happened today:

1. Today, I went to go visit a friend of mine who I have not seen since I lost the weight. Not like a friend-friend, but someone who I liked working with. I went to his restaurant, and started talking to him. I was talking to him for 5 minutes, when I realized he was looking at me strange. I was confused at first, and then said:

“You do know who I am, right?”

He shook his head!

“No, I have no idea. How do you know so much about me?”

WHAT! I know so much because I helped you for like 6 months. Finally I explained who I was, and he almost passed out!He was in shock! We had to end the conversation short.

This happened three other times today. Not to that extreme, but people who did not recognize me!

2. My jeans are getting a little loose. I just bought them three weeks ago, and now they have some room in the waist!
Side note- I love the titles of some of the spam emails I receive. I got the best one today:

“Delicious way to fit into those jeans Tony!”

3. I am going to have to get my wedding ring sized for the 4th time!

And the most exciting one!

4. Today, when I was picking up a quarter off the ground, I looked at my arm. I saw a vein pop out in my forearm. Yeah, like a work out healthy vein. I have never had one, I felt the bump for hours. I am proud of it. I named him Delaney Veiny!

So as busy as work has been, and as stressful as this world is getting, I am still working out and eating right. I am not going to go off course. I got to take care of that vein!
I also know that I might be losing or gaining weight at this stage with no rhyme or reason. I know that I am giving it my all, and I do not need the scale to tell me if I am a success or not!

Finally, after work, I was able to sneak into a Weight Watchers meeting. I would have loved to be present for the meeting, but the leader was wearing pink galoshes, so I knew from that it would not be a good fit for me. Nope, just a quick weigh in!

I hopped on the scale, and the receptionist said:

“.4 pounds lost!”

Woohoo! That is two pounds in three weeks lost. Nice!!!

I do not know if this is a plateau, but I am losing weight and loving life!!!!

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