People have been inspired by my story.

It is a huge honor!

I do not think I am an inspiration, but I can see how my story is inspiring!
To know that my story has helped people stay focused or make better decisions makes me…well, feel wonderful!
Inspirations come from so many different places. I talk about my wife and my family as my inspiration!

Pamela is my inspiration as well. She is a wonderful inspiration!

Before I tell you how she has inspired me, let me tell you what I know about her. I know she lives in the Midwest, and she loves her family. She has maintained a HUGE weight loss, well over 100 pounds, I think closer to 150 pounds if I am not mistaken!
I know she has a good heart. It is evident in the passion of her writing! She is pleasantly honest, and does not have anything bad to say about people. In fact, I do not think I have ever seen or heard of a blogger who did not like her.

How could you not like Pamela!

She also supports bloggers and weight loss. Her comments are on a lot of blogs, rooting people on. I respect her for that!

Here is why she is my inspiration, a story that she probably does not even know.

Before I started to blog, I used to post on the Weight Watchers boards. I did this quite often!
I mainly posted on the “200 pounds to lose” board because…well…I needed to lose 200 pounds!

I am not a good posting person! I never have been!

Well, when I was 381, I just lost 8.9 pounds. Yep, I was 389.9, and I busted down to 381.

I was thrilled!

I remember posting it on the forum, and then I left to run some errands.

When I came back, I had 23 replies.

23 replies! Awesome!

22 replies were telling me how I was not following Weight Watchers, and I would not succeed if I kept doing what I was doing. It made me feel bad!

One post said “That is awesome, keep up the good work!”

That one post was Pamela!

I checked out her website and blog, and was AMAZED at her before and current pics.

I still am amazed at her before and current pics!

I wrote her an email telling her how I wanted to lose weight like her. She replied back instantly letting me know she would do whatever she could to help!

At 381 pounds, I followed her blog religiously! I would leave comments as much as I could. I wanted people to know:

How much her pictures meant to me.

How much her writing meant to me.

To this day, Pamela is my inspiration. She is one of the best bloggers out there, and what she did for me…well, I will never forget.

She wrote a great post about the honeymoon stage of dieting!

I loved it!

For me, the honeymoon just started. Thank you Pamela!

Who has inspired you on your journey!

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