I never liked the term “old skool“! But…..

Today I am kickin‘ it “old skoolYeaaahhhh Booooyyyyyyy!!!!

For the first time in a month, I was able to go to my regular weigh in on Monday morning.

So lets start from the top.

I woke up today with the dog-a-barking!
When I went to pick her up, she looked at me and said:

“You know father, it is an amazing thing. A year ago, you would eat BBQ ribs. Now, I can feel your ribs when you hold me. Simply amazing!”

I told her I was not in the mood for her commentary this morning!

After walking her, it was off to the gym. Because it was a very busy weekend, I was not able to go for the last two days, so I was pumped today!

I got on the elliptical, and was working out next to “male model” and a new character:

“I-Pod Deluxe”

“I-Pod Deluxe” had the biggest I-Pod strapped on her arm. It was HUGE! It must have help like 2000 gig of music!

Carrying that seemed like a workout in itself.

After 65 minutes of great cardio, I hit the weights for about 30 minutes, and then left.

After taking a shower, it was off to my Weight Watchers meeting!

I really never talk about this, but the one thing I love about WW is that I only weight myself once a week. It is one of the best habits I have learned! On other diets, I would go CRAZY weighing myself every day. I would know how much a pair of pants would weigh, the difference of my weight with shoes or without, etc.
What it also did was upset me a lot. I would be confused why I would have gained a pound one day, and lose two the next! It was not healthy.

So once a week is the lifestyle for me!

I walked in to WW, and Barb was super excited to see me!

I was excited as well!
I have not seen her in a month. She did say that she has been asking about me, and checking my progress on the computer!

That made me feel real good!

“Well Tony! I am ready when you are!”

Before I go on the scale, I always think about my week! I always see if I could have done something different or better.
Believe it or not, I am a perfectionist. I will never say my weight loss is easy. That would make me look like a fool! It take so much work and dedication. It is fun now, but it still takes a lot of determination!

But I never fear the scale!Not anymore. Not with my work ethic!

So I hopped on, and I lost 3.8 pounds this week!

3.8 pounds, WOW!!! I guess the plateau was off for President’s Day!!!

Barb said “Tony, I am so proud of you!”

I smiled. After losing 217.4 pounds, I guess I am a little proud of myself as well!

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