I feel like I have not blogged in forever! Well, I guess forever is two days!

I have a ton to blog about this week. How exciting!

So, lets start off a nice Monday while I am at the airport with a nice little tale.

I wish I would have come to Charlotte under better circumstances. It was tough seeing my Dad in the hospital. He is doing a lot better, so I do thank everyone for their well wishes!

At one point, my Dad wanted some books to read. So my mom, brother and I went to a local bookstore. While we were looking for some books, I finally saw a copy of “Half-Assed” by Jennette Fulda.

I picked up the book since I was not able to find it in Orlando, and Amazon was supposed to send it to me, but they never did. That is another story in itself.

When I got the book, my mom was asking me about it.

“What is that book about!”

Jennette, aka “PastaQueen” is my favorite weight loss blogger. There are so many different genres in health blogs now. There are your diet blogs, fitness blogs, nutrition blogs, and weight loss blogs. Each one is very unique. For instance, I would consider Mizfit a fitness blogger, while Roni would be a diet blogger.

Ehh, it gets confusing!

Pastaqueen is my personal favorite because she always gave me hope. I love success stories! I love to hear about people succeeding in life, whether it is a financial success or a health success.

At 400 pounds, there is not a ton of hope. At least I thought there was not.

Jennette always gave me hope. Here was a woman who has lost over 200 pounds without surgery, and was able to keep it off. I am coming up on a year of my new lifestyle. I need the success stories to let me know I can keep this weight off!

She writes from the heart and you can feel it every time you read a post of hers.

Not only that, but every time I have sent her an email, she always replied. I do not care what anyone says, getting a response is a great feeling!

There are others who have lost over 200 pounds, but not a lot. I see a couple in a WW magazine here and there, or on the Today show.

I want to see more of it.

I want to see people succeed with weight loss.

But there are a lot of success stories out there.

People who have survived cancer and heart attacks.
People who have come from nothing to be financially stable.
People who have overcome all of the odds to become that one special diamond in the rough!

That is why I love blogs.Actually, this is why I love life! I can really feel where people are coming from. I can see peoples triumphs and struggles. You can see mine. If you read my blog, you know my weaknesses. You also know my strengths.

Jennette lets me know that losing 200 pounds and keeping it off is possible.

Right now, that is all I need 🙂

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