This week was a very busy week at work. My mind was focused on making sure everything in my restaurant was running right. I was making phone calls to people, and managing my staff!
On Wednesday, I was on the phone with a guest at work when it hit me:

I am going to be a father!

Yeah, I know my wife has been pregnant for a few months but I just realized that I was going to be a Papa!
It was not a fearful realization, but a very joyful one!

Joyful because of the love I have for my father.

I do not talk about my Dad very often, but I love him very much. He is an amazing person!
I have never met a person with a better work ethic. My Dad still works about 40 hours a week, but when I was younger, he worked about 70-80 hours a week.
He would leave the house at 5am, and come home at 6pm, six to seven days a week. They loved him at his job. In fact, I do not know anyone who does not love my Dad.
Yet, with working so much, he always had time for me. He would always be there to play catch with me, or take me to flea markets, or go out to eat, or go see me act in plays.
He loves the fact that I am a dreamer. He always has.
When I wanted to be an actor as a child, he would drive me to every audition.

He would take me to every rehearsal.

He would be the first person to give me a standing ovation.

I have not seen my parents in about four years. I think about how wonderful they are a lot.
The reason I have not seen them is because I did not want to get on an airplane at 420 pounds.

I couldn’t!

I will be able to this year!

My Dad is celebrating his birthday this weekend. I called him to wish him a happy birthday. He did not want to talk about his birthday. He wanted to talk about my blog! He never wants to talk about himself. He wants to know about others!

“I loved how you wrote about Weight Watchers
“I loved the Cauliflower video! When are you making another!”
“Did Oprah call yet!”

I can see in fifteen years, my child will tell me that he/she will want to be a rockstar.
I will be in the store buying musical instruments and rooting my child on!

If I am half the father my Dad was, I will be a success!

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