The other day, we had a lunch party of 40 people come into the restaurant.

40 people is a lot! It was awesome!

I was the chef that day, so I had a lot of fun cooking the food for everyone. I had a couple of people assisting me, and we put out some tasty dishes.

Everything went very well! The food looked great, and it all came out in a timely manner. I had a great staff on, and, could not have gone any better!

After the meal, a server came up to me and said:

“Someone in the party needs to talk to you!”

Now, as a restaurant manager, that is not what you want to hear. That usually means that something in the party did not go very well, and that I would be trying to please the guest!

” I am so sorry you were not happy with your NY Strip? Would you like my car to make it up to you!”

But what could have gone wrong?

The food was perfect, I had my best servers on the party, and I even had a great host seating the table.
Not only that, but there were two people who came in the kitchen just to tell me how great the party was!

Moment of Truth!

So I went out, and a woman was standing there without a smile!


I went up to her and introduced myself. She looked at me and said:

” I can not believe you gave up processed food for foods like cauliflower!”


“It is just awesome, Jared (smiling)”

That is when it hit me! The three words I can say now:

Life Is Good!

You know, a year ago, I would be in a empty parking lot at 2am with $25 of Taco Bell food, eating away, not caring if I would be alive the next day or not!

A year ago, I could not walk properly. I would be out of breath just going upstairs in my house!

A year ago, I could care less if I had high blood pressure or high cholesterol!

If I did not change my life, I would have been dead!

Almost a year later, and my life is great. Sure I have struggles (like everyone else) but they are not nearly the struggles like I used to have!

I can deal with stress from a job, and financial issues. Those will come and go!

I am glad I do not have to worry about a heart attack every day. I am glad I am doing everything in my power to live a healthy life!

Now, the main worry I have is being known as the cauliflower guy! Well, my name is on the door at the restaurant!

I am happy I am able to live my life with my wife. Sure, jobs will change in many years, and so will homes, and cars. It is nice to know that I will be around for my wife for a while.

I am just plain happy now! It sounds cheesy, and fluffy, but you know what…

I am happy!
I am happy that I changed my life!
I am happy I lost the weight!
I am happy to inspire people!

But most of all:

I am happy to be alive!

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