A few weeks ago, I saw one of my favorite bloggers doing this.

When I saw it, I was confused!At first, i did not understand, so I ignored it.

Who am I to judge!

Then, a week later, I saw another blogger do this.

Still confused, I ignored it. I mean, who cares! It did bother me, but oh well!

Today I saw it for the third time.

Enough is enough! I have to say something. I do not care about the backlash!

I mean, my name is The Anti-Jared!

What motivates a “Weight Loss Blogger” to write a review of a 765 calorie meal (16 points) from a fast food restaurant!

I guess Long John Silver’s is getting bloggers to review their new “healthier options” menu. I was offered as well.

I laughed when I was!

Do not get me wrong, healthy options in restaurant are essential. Most fast food restaurants have a great selection of healthy options. Heck, I think every item at Chick Fil-A is under 500 calories!

Here is my question.

What healthy option has a bread stick, corn with butter oil (FYI- Butter oil is the butter that they use on movie popcorn) and over a 1/4 cup of rice (sides totaling 590 calories)?

Of course it tastes good, it is not healthy!

Why am I saying it is not healthy. Well, lets compare:

FreshGrille menu item at LJS- 765-800 calories (Depending on the protein picked)
McDonald’s Dbl 1/4 Pounder with Cheese- 740 calories
Taco Bell Grilled Stuffed Burrito- 680 calories
McDonald’s Dbl Cheeseburger with Small Fries- 670 calories
Taco Bell Nachos BellGrande- 760 Calories

Heck, even the Ultimate Fish Sandwich at LJS (Yes, I said Ultimate!) has 530 calories!

Restaurants will be around forever.

Actually, thank God they are, because that is how I make a living.

Restaurants are a great place to go with your family, somewhere quick, party, etc. I love being involved with restaurants!

Sometimes, what people think are healthy are not healthy at all. That is the problem!

So you would eat something that was 16 points, and not even flinch.

Because there is a Fresh in the name!

You should be able to order whatever you want in a restaurant. I think the key is portion control!

So, being in restaurants, I am going to give you a couple of tips that I know. Ready!

1. In a restaurant, order what you want! Whatever it is, order it!
2. Only eat a third of it! Either take home the rest (in two to-go boxes) or throw it out!

To me, restaurant foods are all about portion sizes. If a meal is 1000 calories, and you eat a third, you can get full, and still enjoy a 330 calorie dinner.

As I said, just advice!

After reading about this food for the third time today, I realized something.

I will never be a famous weight loss blogger.

I can’t do it! I can not sell out for Pirate Bucks!

I can not tell people weight loss is easy!

I can not tell people that i can eat what i want when I want!

With that being said:

I can not see myself walking on Oprah with a head of cauliflower saying “I just ate a half dozed hard boiled eggs! I am stuffed…”

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