People are amazed am my weight loss. Losing 200 pounds is no easy feat. It does take willpower and dedication.

To me, the most amazing part of my story is that I work 70 hours a week in a restaurant. I am around pasta, Alfredo Sauce, Chocolate Cake, and Fried Mozzarella all day long! People get mad when their significant other bring a candy bar in the house when they are trying to eat well.

It is like I work in a candy factory!

No…I take that back! The most amazing part of my story is that I lost the first 100 pounds working at Chili’s Bar and Grill!

Yes, Chili’s. Where they serve 8 of the top 20 worst foods in America. Where fryers and batters run a muck! Where the only healthy option is a napkin, and that is 350 calories!

Although I have been a chef for six years with the same company, I did take a eight month break to work at Chili’s. It paid better at the time, and it was closer to my house.
I remember going to my interview at Chili’s weighing 420 pounds. The interview was about 25 minutes from my house, and I had to stop three times to change my shirt because I sweat through each one.

I remember going to my interview, and embarrassed that I had to pull up a chair at the booth because I could not fit into the booth.

I remember breathing so heavy that the interviewer asked me if I was okay!

Luckily I had a good background and I interview well.

I got hired, and started three weeks later!

I did not realize how high pace that job was. Chili’s managers really run around!

As a chef, I would sit in the office for a while to work on numbers.

At Chili’s you are running around, carrying food, cleaning, and doing everything!

At first, I could not keep up. I tried real hard, but it was tough! My back hurt from walking, and I could not fit on their small cook line to help them cook. It was rough.
Plus, i would eat everything in sight. I would deep fry anything I could. Steaks, Ribs, my hand! Whatever I could. I loved to eat!

Not only that, but my boss saw that I was slow, and I would eat a lot. So I got the label:

Fat, Lazy, and Sloppy!

Yep, I was lazy and sloppy. The fat was a given! I got bad marks during my management training. I tried real hard, but all that weight really put a damper on me. It made me sad because I was a good manager, and I did not want to get fired because I could not keep up!

I did make it though training, and I transferred to another Chili’s after that, and I was once again called lazy. I hate being called lazy. I put in a lot of hours at work, I always have!I really tried to run around, but I would get fatigued very fast!
Finally in February of last year, I started to lose the weight. Chili’s was not the reason, my family was! Once I started to lose, work got easier.

I would run around more. I was no longer lazy! I felt better. I was losing weight.

I lost about 100 pounds there.

I left Chili’s in June to go back to my true love.

I was promoted about a month later.

The funny thing is I am so different now. I love management, and I love running around! I was never a runner at work. Now, I can’t believe how much I used to sit down!

I realized something yesterday. I look NOTHING like I used to! Nothing at all.
Not only that, but I am very different as well!
As I wrote yesterday, I met up with people who didn’t know who I was, even though I worked with them for quite some time.
So today, I went back to see my old training manager. I wanted to see if I could shock him!

I went up to him, and said hi.


I asked him how he was doing!


Finally, I told him who I was.


“Oh my God..WOW! You look great. How did you…surgery?”

“Nah, just sick of being called lazy!”

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