Last week was very hard on me!

I found out my Dad was in the hospital for surgery, and I flew out to Charlotte when I heard the news. I was lucky enough to get a flight, get off of work, and pack within 53 minutes.

Going to Charlotte, NC last week was probably one of the best decisions I have made! Seeing my parents was wonderful, even though it was not the best circumstances. Seeing my Dad getting better was awesome!

When I got back into town yesterday, some friends of mine were curious to see if I “stayed on plan” or if I took a week off from “eating good”.

Well…..let’s see!

When I was at the airport, I went to three stores to purchase a tub of berries. It cost eight bucks! I could have gotten a Snickers or a Twix, but it did not interest me!The berries filled me up for the fight to Charlotte.

I know my priorities!

When I flew into Charlotte, my family went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. I spend a good 10 minutes telling the server what I wanted, how I wanted it cooked, and how I would write a letter to corporate if it did not come out the way I wanted it. My wife is the only one that has seen me order like this.I could have just ordered something off the menu and be done with it!

My food came out perfect by the way!

I know my priorities!

When I got to my parents house, there was good food to eat. My mom eats pretty clean, so
there were a lot of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Although there were a lot of foods to eat, I still went to the grocery store to get some other goodies I like.

And yes, cauliflower was on the top of my list!

I know my priorities!

We would go to the hospital around 8am every morning. I woke up at 5am to go to the gym. It was 25 minutes from the house, and it was 20 degrees every morning in Charlotte! It would have been easy to sleep in, but…

I know my priorities!

The truth is that there are no days off, or “cheat” days in my life. what you see is what you get! After doing this for a year, and struggling with diets for 32 years, I can finally say this with confidence!

Living the way I do is not hard for me anymore. I am used to it. I see benefits from it every day.

When my mom told me she was proud of me, and she worried I would die every day, I knew I was living life now!

When my Dad looked at me and said “You look good!” I knew that living this way is worth it.

I envy people that can just control portions their whole life and keep off weight, or people who do not have to work out, and live in “Onederland“.

I have to realize that I will never be this person. I am okay with it! I have to know that I have to life this life not only for me, but for all the people around me that care!

So now that I am back from Charlotte, I worked 8-3 on my day off!

I know my priorities!

I got my wedding ring sized for the FOURTH time. It was falling off!

I know my priorities!

Finally, I was able to go to a Weight Watchers Weigh In/Meeting. It was packed!

The leader was this woman whom I love! She was so excited to see me as well!

I popped on the scale, and I lost a pound!!!!!! 218.4 pounds down!

The leader told me the meeting was about “filling foods” and she would love for me to talk a little about my weight loss!

As much as I wanted to stay, I couldn’t! My wife is working a 16 hour day today, and she wanted a nice dinner brought to her.

I know my priorities!

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