Next Saturday is Valentine’s Day!!!

For all of you lovers out there, it is a great romantic day day where chocolates and roses make you smile!

For me, it is a 17 hour work day filled with running around the restaurant and making you happy!

“I am so sorry your food took so long! Let me get a dozen roses for the lady!”

The one thing I am happy about is that Valentine’s Day is the last major holiday that I have not celebrated through this life change. It is amazing that I have done this lifestyle for a year, without questioning how I eat! That is right, I have survived Mother’s Day, Fourth Of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…….

Now I will survive Valentine’s Day!!

I do remember loving this holiday when I was 8 years old. Oh yes, good ole’ 1983! Where Sassoon Jeans ruled the world!

As a overweight child, nothing feels better than eating chalk candy that says “Hug Me” and “I’m Yours” on them and getting rejected by the ladies.

Oh yes!

Believe it or not, but I was not the ladies man in my younger days.Actually, thank God I am married, because I am not the ladies man today either!
In my elementary school days, I would try to get a girlfriend during this time of year.
I would scope out the classroom, find my target, and write her a wonderful letter. It went like this:

I like you! Do you like me!
Check the box!

Ahhhh, like a little Mark Twain!

I would deliver the letter, and get so excited to see the response. You never know!

Actually, I learned that I would end up knowing the answer!

When I would get the letter back, it always had the No checked off. It hurt, but I got used to it!
Now, after many years, I realized what I did wrong.

I gave the girls too many options to choose from.

So maybe I did not get to have Betty Vanderlay as my Valentine!

But I learned how to eat well and stay disciplined.

It is because I sent myself this letter last year:

You need to eat better for the rest of your life! Will you?
Check the box!

Yep, only one option on that letter, and failure is not one of them.

It can’t be this time!

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