So if you read my blog, you know three things about me:

1. I love my wife
2. I love cauliflower
3. My dog talks

Well, although I really would like to talk about the wonderful food that is cauliflower.

Oh cauliflower, how your crunch is addictive!

Instead, I am going to talk about my true love……

My wife!

See, it is Valentine’s Day! A day of romance, where guys take their girlfriends/ significant others out on the town and shower them with expensive gifts! Where couples sit on the same side of a restaurant booth, and purchase a chocolate malt with one straw!

Well, maybe it is not 1958!

My wife loves me! But she knows i am no romantic!

Wait! I take that back!

In 2006, I bought my wife “all purpose” and “hi-gluten” flour because she said I never buy her “flours”!

Yeah, I am no romantic!

Valentine’s Day is a tough day because I always work. It is one of the busiest days of the year, and as a manager, you have to work hard to make it a special day for so many guests who come in!

Well, today was a sixteen hour day for me! It was very successful, and fun.

I really did not talk to my wife today because I was working. I did get a nice text from her and the dog wishing me good luck today!
While I was working today, I thought about my wife. I think about her a lot!

I met her 8 years ago, and I am very lucky that I did.

My wife is wonderful! I never have said a bad thing about her because…

Well, I can’t think of anything!

The one thing I thought about today was how she makes me a better person!

There I was at work running around, moving from place to place, and really helping out! People were impressed at how fast I move. Employees respect me more now that I am able to be more helpful!

This was the first Valentine’s Day in over 10 years that I was able to do that! Usually I would be in the office!

A lot of my weight loss has to do with my wife. She pushes me to be better.

She reads my blog every day, yet we rarely talk about it. Once in a while she will tell me about a post she liked.

She liked this one!

So even though I did not call my wife, or really talk to her today, I thought about her.

I love her very much.

I can not imagine my life without her! Happy St. Cauliflower Day!

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