This weeks blogs is dedicated to my wonderful wife, family and friends who have been so supportive of my father this week!
Thank you all so much!

As much I would like to say that this has been a fun trip, it has not been.
My father had major surgery this week, and I really felt like I should be with my parents.

My wonderful wife, mother and father in law, and boss helped me get out to North Carolina as soon as possible. I really thank them, and will never forget it!

My dad is doing better, which makes everyone feel better! It is still scary, but the progress has been very good!

My Dad loves my blog. Not as much as my brother’s, but the truth is, I love my brother’s incredible writing!
My Dad does not like me writing about sappy things! So I will make him happy!

No, today, I am going to write about “Warehouse” stores. You know what they they are!

I love Sam’s Club, my father-in-law loves BJ’s, and my parents love Costco!

They are all the same (Don’t tell my Mom that)!

But since I am here with my parents, I will use Costco as the model!

To me, there is nothing like it. I mean, where else can you get a keg of peanut butter, and a 20 pound container of tuna.

You know, I work in a restaurant, and to this day, I still have never seen the purpose for a 20 pound can of tuna. I mean, how much tuna salad can you make? How many tuna melts are you going to eat!
But, besides for the food, Costco is sooo much more!

You can get clothes there. Never the best fashions, but things that were hot about 8 months ago. There are some Polo, a sprinkling of Nautica, and maybe Nike. It is never what you want, but at $6.75 a shirt, you will snatch them up!
You can get books there! They have a few of the New York Times Bestsellers. Then, all of the sudden, you will see a 2000 page book called “The History of Jokes” or “The First World War” for only $3.78. You would never get these books otherwise….

But what a bargain!

You can get video games there! The best part is you can not get a XBox 360. No, you get a XBox 360, 17 controllers, 12 games made in 2006, and a memory card. Costco is the king of bundle packages. The Xbox would cost you $300 at Best Buy. But, if you get it with all the goodies, you spend about $600 dollars, but save $8.51.

What a deal!

You can get a barrel of Cheer Detergent, or a beautiful sheet cake for $12.00. They also have some of the best produce money can buy, but make sure you like it. What is the point of getting 5o pounds of tangerines if you are not going to eat them.

You can get computers galore, and phones with 32 receivers, a nice king size bed, or new tires for your car!

You can also get a vending machine. This is something that I have dreams about. A beautiful machine for $4000 that holds 12 different sodas at 38 degrees. Okay, so I do not drink soda anymore, but it would hold my water at 38 degrees. I remember telling my wife I really wanted this! I think I even tried to explain how we could make money if I had this vending machine.
We do not talk about the vending machine in our house.

Secretly, I will get it one day!!!

Oh, Costco, how you have your 6 pack of deodorants, and 50 pound bags of rice!

The truth is, I feel like a pirate every time I go. There is always that special treasure just waiting to be scooped up! Sometimes it is a digital picture frame, and other times it is a 55 pack of Northern Toilet Paper!

But, in Costco, there is a very special day!
A day where they have everyone on the staff working!
A day where Costco employees dress up like chefs!

That is right….

Sample Day!

I do not know how they prepare for this day, but there must be some preparation:
“Okay people…remember to put the toothpick directly in the bagel bite! No exceptions! Who needs more napkins for their stations……oh yeah, remember, older people and children can have three servings, everyone else has one! Are we clear team!”
Sample day is great! You can taste a variety of Costco foods. Plus, it is a nice meal!

When I go to see my Dad tomorrow, I will tell him about this blog, and he will ask me what this has to do with my weight loss?

Well, I will tell him that I am the proud father of the biggest tub of cottage cheese known to man!
Thank you Costco!

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