This weeks blogs is dedicated to my wonderful wife, family and friends who have been so supportive of my father this week!

Thank you all so much!
Weight loss is all about decisions and choices.

Should I eat this piece of cake or go work out?
Do I really need to go three times through the buffet line?
Can I get the fish baked instead of fried?

Well, this week, I think I made a very good decision!

My dad had surgery this week.

Although I love my parents very much, I have not seen them in over four years!

For some time, I did not visit my parents because I could not fly on a plane.

At 400 pounds, I did not want to buy two plane tickets.
At 400 pounds, no one wants to sit next to you.
At 400 pounds, you do not want to be a burden to others!

So this week, I decided to come to North Carolina and visit my parents. I thought I should be there for my Dad, and support my Mom as well!

I got a flight out on Wednesday. I flew coach, and the flight was packed.

Before getting on the plane, I was nervous.

I was not nervous because of flying, I was nervous because of the seat!

Although I have lost 217 pounds, I still have this mentality that I will not fit in something.

I cringe when I am going to a restaurant booth, although I fit in all of them now!
I cringe when I put on a seat belt!
I cringe when I have to tie my shoe!

Well, I cringed when I got on the plane. A packed plane, with those small seats just made me nervous!
The worst part is on my ticket I was in Zone 8. That means I was the last person called on the plane!

So I finally went on the plane. I saw my seat!
Wow, the seat looked smaller than ever!

I went to sit into it, and I fit comfortably. Not only that, but I was able to put the seat belt on without an extender.

I have said before that people ask me how can I only eat certain foods? Don’t I get to a point where I want to eat what I used to?

Well, sitting in that seat on the plane with room to spare makes my weight loss worth it.

Now, the teaspoon of coffee that was $2.00 on the plane, well, that is a different story!

I am glad I am able to see my parents after four years!

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