Whenever I first meet someone, I always ask them one simple question

“What kind of music do you like?”

I always feel like I can get some sort of idea of a person when they give me an answer.

Except when they say:

“Oh, I like all kinds of music. I like it all except for rap, pop, country, opera, alternative, folk,R and B, heavy metal and classical. But I like all types of music!”


Anyway, on my comments, a couple people asked me my all time favorite forum question:

“What is on your Ipod?”

The truth is, I do like all kinds of music!

For cardio, I love pop music. I like all the hip top 40 artists, like Pat Benetar, Duran Duran….

Oh wait, it is not 1984! It says it is 2009 on my Swatch Watch!

No, I know all about the Hanna MonJonas BrothLady GagJordan SparClarkson! That is some hip pop music!

I also like remixes of songs. Nothing like listening to a Space Cowboy mega mix of “Dancing on the Ceiling!”

For lifting weights, I like metal.

I love Metallica. I could listen to them all day. Well, not the newer stuff, but the older albums.

I also like Papa Roach, Rage Against the Machine, and POD. That type of music pushes me hard at the gym.

Hey, and don’t discredit 80’s hairbands either. nothing wrong with a little Winger and Skid Row!

In my car, I love 80’s rap.
I like old LL Cool J, NWA, Run DMC, Audio Two,Public Enemy, Stetsasonic, and EPMD.

I do not like Ice T. I like him on Law and Order SVU, but I could never get into his rap.

By the way, in my opinion, there is not better rapper that Erik B and Rakim. To me, that is what rap is all about!

With my wife, I love Marc Cohn and Michael Buble. I also am a Clay Aiken fan. I have been made fun of for this for a while. But if I cared what people thought, then I would not dance when I worked out.

By the way, maybe this is because I am a guy, but I never have understood the quote “Dance like no one is watching”. I dance like everyone is watching! I also never understood why people say they are going to do a “happy dance” for me. Just be happy!

So I told you what kind of music I like, but what is on my Ipod? Well, here are my top 5 songs on there now:

Mmm Papi– Britney Spears
Addicted- Saving Abel
Numb- Linkin Park (Probably my favorite song)
It’s Raining Men- The Weather Girls (I mean, God bless mother nature)
Crack A Bottle- Eminem

Now, tell me, what song is on your Ipod? Give me a few ideas!

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