Yes, I posted two posts at the same time.

Two for Thursday!!

I felt like I needed to give a little background on the first post, and my many ramblings!


Before I get into this post, let me tell you a little about me!

When I started blogging, I wanted to please everyone. If you look at my early posts, they were very politically correct. I thought if I could be the model blogger, I could be on television and inspire people!

I was wrong!

Once I started to blog, I saw things that I really did not like. At first, I was afraid to talk about them because I did not want to get negative feedback. I wanted to be well liked.
Well, one day, I realized that when it comes to blogging (actually life in general), although it is awesome to have a great audience, you really should write/do for yourself (if you feel passionately about the situation!).

Sure, comments are great, but more important, the content has to be to the writer’s liking.

So I started to write about things that kind of irritated me. I tried to write is as nicely as I could. In fact, I think I might have written four bad words on over 130 posts.

Here is a recap of my irritations:

1. My first post was about a guy who told me I should get Gastric Bypass surgery. He was a nice enough guy, but he wanted me to get a consultation, even though I lost over 135 pounds on my own at the time. He told me I would gain the weight back eventually. I do not mind confident people, but do not rub your confidence on others!

2. In this post here, I received my first negative email. It is amazing how much I have changed. I do get irritated at times, but I have learned to let things roll off my back.
FYI- I leave on all negative and positive comments on my posts (Unless the comment offends another person.). I realized I do not need to defend myself!

3. In this post, I made fun of Weight Watchers Leaders. As I have been told, this post has sealed the deal for me never to become a leader.

Ehhh, who cares. It was worth it!

4. This post I talked about a woman who had a PayPal account on her blog to sponsor her. I thought it was tacky! I still do!

5. This post is just plain dumb. Why I wanted to be in BlogHer is…well…don’t ask me.
Actually, why can’t I be in it!

6. Finally, this post is one of my favorites! it is where I talk about how bloggers are getting together to stop fake weight loss blogs, yet they promote these blogs on their sites with Google AdSense. That makes no AdSense.

Anyway, The previous post is something that really bothered me today!
I respect all the people who were involved with it, I just do not understand!

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