I am nice, but I am also very passionate about things. I also like to voice my opinion!

I love blogging now! I am going to admit that I put my heart and soul into this. I love making people laugh, cry, and enjoy themselves for 5 minutes a day!
I carry around a notepad, and I write down ideas for future posts. I have over 40 ideas so far, which include:

“The women at a WW meeting doing the electric slide over the new 2 point Banana Nut Crunch Mini Bite Snack Love Skido!”

“100 calorie snack…fact or fiction!”

“Is yelling a good exercise!”

Well, today I am going to put my opinion on what so many bloggers have been writing about the past couple of days.
The topic has been “Weight Loss Scams”.

Yes, it is true!

If you have been overweight as long as I have, you know they have always been around, way before the Internet. I remember them all!

The newest one is the Acai Berry Blog! Just in case you want a funny version of it, I did mock it here two months ago. There us a million of them on the web now!

Anyway, it is is a fake blog about someone who said they lost weight and you need to try the pills.You get a trial, and then pay some money for them.They are everywhere! I have seen them for about a year now.
Well, Steve from Weightlossweapons.com did a little expose on them, and warned readers about them. When I first read it, I thought it was AWESOME!!!! I even posted a positive comment on his blog, which by the way is great!
Other bloggers started to write about it as well, including my friend John and the ever popular Pastaqueen!
Now, here is where I am confused. I went back to Steve’s website, and on the right, he had Google ads. Here were the first three topics on his ads, that he sponsors:

“Lose 18 pounds in 4 days”
“Lose 15 in 2009”
“Get Skinny in 11 Days”

So here is someone who basically is like the Woodward and Bernstein of weight loss scams, yet he has advertisements on his website for the same thing, which some people would call promoting.

It irritated me because many bloggers who hate the scams actually have them on their own site!
Uhhhhhhhggg, maybe I just do not understand some bloggers mentality.
I mean, I blog for fun. I love inspiring people. I love getting comments, and I love emailing people. I really love it!
I am not going to get rich from blogging or writing, I know that! I do like the fact that it helps people work out harder, or skip dessert!
I understand the premise of advertisements!It helps pay the bills! I mean, so many bloggers do it!
Why do so many bloggers have the weight loss scams as advertisements on their site!

What is the point?

Do I really need YOU to click on a ad to lose weight?

What I would like YOU to do is read the posts that I put a lot of pride and joy into!

For free, I will educate you so that you will not have to be worried about a scam!

For free, you can email me, and within a day, I will respond to you. I know the passion people put into emails. i am the same way!

For free, you can be my friend on any social network! I do not turn down anyone.

So I have come to the conclusion that I will not put advertisements on this site just to have them on here. It is not worth it!

No, if I need money I will get a second job. I will not sell you a heart attack in a bottle!

Sure, I might promote or review something that could help us in the weight loss struggle, but I will not be hypocritical.I will not promote the very thing that I can not stand, that stupid berry or quick weight loss!

Here is what I will promote for free:

“I lost 200 pounds in 2008 with apples, working out, and blogging!”

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