Ricardo Montalban passed away today at the age of 88.

Although he acted in like 9 million different things, I can only remember him as Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island.
He made wishes come true, but:

Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true! (Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah!!!)

Well, in “Real Life” there is a Fantasy Island. That is right, it is a place that I used to live at, but have not been there for quite some time. When I was there, I did not appreciate it, but now I will cherish it!

It is a place where most healthy people live at, and are loving life.

It is a place that most, if not all, weight loss warriors want to go one day.

That is right, it is known as Onederland!

When I got involved with losing weight seriously, I learned all the lingo. NSV (Non Scale Victory), SV (Scale Victory), WI (Weigh in), Lifetime (Lifetime member at WW), and the most annoying term BLS (Biggest Loser Spoiler!)
When I was losing weight at 420 pounds, someone told me I was close to Threeville.

Yes, Threeville is where you weigh 300-399.8. I was excited!

Anything to get out of the 400’s!

I was loving life in Threeville. Working out was still tough, but I was eating well, and I could see a difference in my life. Breathing was easier, and my back pain was going away! All of the sudden, things started to fit me. Clothes were actually getting to big for me!

Wow, I was getting used to this Threeville.

Then, while weighing around 320, someone told me about another place I would like. It was called Twoterville.

is where you weigh 200-299.8.

Twoterville? Sounded great! So I worked hard, and in the summer of 2008, I moved there. Twoterville is a nice place, especially if you were used to Threeville. My workouts got much better, in fact, dare I say “intense”! Clothes were falling off of me. Seat belts were fitting, chairs with arms were not my enemy. Now, I still live in Twoterville, so it is definitely not a bad place to live, especially from 400 pounds.
Now, I have come to the realization that I am very close to the mecca of all weight loss lands, Onederville! Actually, I am 9.8 pounds away, which means I will probably be moving there within a couple of months. I am shocked and amazed that I have an invite!
So many people who I admire for their weight loss live in Onederland. Even Oprah moves out of there from time to time. Most Hollywood actors and actresses live there, and most WW leaders live there. most of my family lives there!
And soon, this former 400 pound guy is going to live there, forever. Once I go to Onederland, I can not go back. I understand this! It is going to be too nice there!

So I am packing now, and I look forward to seeing all of my friends there as well!

And when I get there, I will say “Welcome to the Real Fantasy Island!”

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