I usually write a fun little blog about something positive in my life, or what I want to do with my life.

Here is what some people would like me to write:

No, today I am going to be negative. I am no inspiration!

For what?

I mean, what does it matter! I have been overweight my whole life. I have been over 200 pounds since I was 11 years old!
I have done numerous diets, and have failed at them all. I have done Susan Powter, Atkins, South Beach! I mean, what does it matter!

I am going to fail again. Why is this time any different?

I talk about working out. I mean, who am I fooling? I am not going to go in a year or two. Why do I even bother? I mean, I go there, and work out with people who are trying to lose weight, and we are all going to fail anyway.

I should just stay home!

And if I want a piece of cake, then why not? I mean, what does it really matter.

This whole weight loss thing is stupid! I am going to fail!

I mean, I annoy so many people with my positive attitude and determination.

A blogger is irritated with me!
Here is a woman who always left nice comments on my blog. She was one of my first followers, and I read her blog every week. She is someone I considered a “blog” friend.
She is having a bad week, which I feel bad about. SO she wrote some comments that were clearly about me. That puts my in a dilema. On one hand, this is someone who I respect, and someone who I follow in blogland. But…..

does that mean you can insult me, and call me annoying and irritating and not expect a response?

Maybe she is right! I am annoying! I mean, I will gain back the weight! I will fai………………

Wait, I might be annoying, but I will not fail! No, not this time!

She has no idea!

I realized something that people like this person do not know:

I have failed before…many times!

I have gone to my old ways….many times!

I do not think I am an inspiration…many people do!

People confuse my kindness for weakness. They always have. Trust me, I am not weak. I am very smart! Before you want to insult me, and call me annoying, and blast what I have accomplished, walk in my shoes:

When you were 12, did you pray to God that you would get a disease so you could lose weight?

When you were 18, did you cough blood because you were out of breath?

When you were 30, did you cry because you were turned down for adoption because of your weight?

People might be sick of me. It is true! I am a positive person. I have every right to be now. I use my blog to give people hope, including myself. Writing about a bad day, or something that irritates me does nothing for me!

I am not perfect. If I was, I would have never been over 400 pounds!

I never lost weight because my wife would find me more sexy. No, I did it so my wife would not find me dead of a heart attack.

Will I go back to my “old ways”? The truth is, I can’t. I have way too much too lose. I have a baby on the way now.

So to everyone who wants to blast me, tell me I am annoying, I lost weight the wrong way, and wish I would break a leg so I can not work out. To all who find me obnoxious, and wish I would gain back my weight and hope I eat a bag of cookies

And to all that want me to fail, I have only one thing to say:

Keep waiting…because it will never ever happen!!!!!!

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