A lot of people ask me how did I start working out, and so many people have come up with the notion that I have lost 200 pounds by working out six times a day!!!!!
As a bonus to my blog, I want to do a little series of how I have lost the weight. Here is part two… THE WORKOUT!

Have you heard about this guy who was the King of Rock and Roll?

Yeah, his name is Elvis!

Oh…well, who is that Tony guy?

That is me, let me tell you how I lost 200 pounds!

My name is Tony P. I live in Florida, have a wonderful wife, a pup, and a baby on the way.

I do not like to exaggerate, so let me tell you the absolute true story of how my workout journey began and developed.

I was sleeping in February of last year, when I heard this voice:
“You need to go to the gym!”

I got up quick, and looked around. My wife, who was next to me was sound asleep. Again, I heard the voice:

“You need to go to the gym!”

I got nervous. Who was saying that? Then I heard:
“You need to go to the gym, and take me out to poop!”

I yelled at my dog for her “Field of Dreams” impression, but she did have a point. For a week, I was eating better, and I wanted to make a commitment to move a little.
I walked the dog, and then headed to the gym for the first time, although I have been a member at the gym for a while.

Wishful thinking I guess!

I walked in the gym, and I saw a ton of people working out, none looked like me. While cute girls were working out with the word “Pink” on their butts, I was wearing my 5XL shorts, which could have been used as a movie screen to view “The Pink Panther”.

There was so many machines and weights. I was confused! I was also embarrassed to ask anyone!

Then, the lights went off at the gym, except one spotlight on a treadmill. I walked toward the light, and the treadmill started to talk:

“Hi Tony! I have been expecting you. I am a treadmill! Good luck!”

So I got on the talking treadmill.I mean, did I really need instructions for that. You just walk! I was on for two minutes at a rate of two MPH. My back was hurting, and I was out of breath. I was done!
The treadmill starting laughing.

“Two minutes! That is all you got!”

With tears in my eyes, I looked at that treadmill and said:

“See you tomorrow!”

The next day, I walked on the treadmill for three minutes. Then four. I moved up to ten minutes, and twenty. I wanted it bad. I hated the fact that the treadmill laughed at me.

Finally, after a month or so, I was walking for 60 minutes at about three MPH. I was no fitness expert, but I felt great. The treadmill was impressed as well:

“Tony, I am proud of you! You stuck with me, and that is great.You proved me wrong! But it is time for you to be with someone else. He is a jerk, but he will help you in your venture to losing weight. Treat him just like you treated me. In fact, there he is!”

The treadmill pointed to the elliptical machine.

I went to the elliptical machine, and he was mean!

“Listen chubs, you ain’t gonna make it with me, you hear!”

I got on the elliptical machine, and went for about 48 seconds. It was so different that the treadmill. I felt my legs tighten on the machine. I was done!

The elliptical machine was just laughing when I left. It made me mad!

The next day, I went back to the treadmill who told me he wanted nothing to do with me!

“Get on that elliptical!”

So I did, with the same passion as the treadmill. It was hard, but I would go on it every day, for a little at a time. Finally, I lasted on for 65 minutes. I was sweating, and felt great!

The elliptical machine looked at me and said:

“Wow, you did it man! 65 minutes! You are in the club now! I want to introduce you to all my friends, the circuit trainers!”

The circuit trainers are great as well. They are twelve machines that I workout with three to four days a week. I do the machines quick, to build muscle and lose fat. They have really helped me with my muscle development!

The treadmill, elliptical machine, and circuit training have helped me get to where I am today.

Truth is, it does not matter what you do, as long as you do it! Moving is the most important thing. Doing it consistently is even more important. maybe you can not afford a gym, maybe you just want to walk around the neighborhood, maybe you want to play on a Wii Fit.
At first, you will not be a superstar, but after some time it gets easier. Confidence starts to build up, and you start feeling good. True, maybe you will not lose a ton of weight, but you will feel a sense of worth by moving more and more everyday! At least I know I did!

Wow,If my dog did not motivate me to go to the gym, none of this would have happened!

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