When you start out your day with a awesome shout out from a hero, you know it is going to be a great day!

I have said a million times that I am a Mizfit fan!
I love her writing!
I love her determination!
I love the fact that she supports over 350,000 “weight loss/healthy living” bloggers!
I love her videos!
I love the fact that every comment she leaves me is either at 6:10am or 6:10pm!

Good people bring out the best in me!

Everyday I look for inspiration. I hear that I inspire people, but I am not going to say I am an inspiration.

I am just a guy who was sick of being selfish!

Inspiration can come in the smallest form, or something huge.

Today, in honor of Mizfit, I found my inspiration at the gym!

There I was, right on the elliptical machine. The gym was slow at the time. Of course there were the regular characters, which included

The BlackBerry Twins- Texting ladies!
Male Model Man- He should be on
Heart Rate Babe- Some woman who alwa
ys has her two fingers on her neck
Flirting Guy- Some guy who always chats with the
BlackBerry twins.
“This is for my girlfriend” guy- A guy who does not want to be there, but is because of the love for his girlfriend!

The workout was going good. Then…I saw her. I saw the newest, most impressive character I have ever seen hit my gym. I would like to introduce:

The red-headed hurricane!

This woman had short red hair (hence the name). She was in her 40’s, and wore all black. A black tank top, black shoes, and a black skort!

I had twelve words I never thought would be in this blog. Skort was one of them. Now the list is eleven…wait….mothball.. okay, now it is ten!

While I was on the elliptical, I saw this woman do the most impressive workout I have ever seen!

She did over 100 chin-ups
She did One armed push ups
She did diamond push ups of a bench press
She benched 165 pounds. I swear this woman weighed like 100 pounds!

I was in awe. The only other woman I have seen do a hard core workout like this is one that did arm curls with oil in the supermarket!
Then, she did the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

She stood in the corner, and one of her exercises was standing back flips.

Yeah, she did like 20 back flips in a row!

WOW! Watching her determination, and her workout pushed me hard. I worked out a lot harder than I usually do, and I really try to work out hard.

It is amazing where inspiration comes from. Sometimes for me it is an employee at work, who says something that makes me feel good. Sometimes it is my wife who makes a wonderful comment. Sometimes it is you who writes such nice things to me.

Sometimes it is my dog, but this morning, she was not so inspiring.

As shy as I am, I had to say something to the hurricane. After my workout, I went up to her. I have never gone up to a stranger at the gym. I do not talk to strangers, even if they have cauliflower (I do not eat candy anymore!)

I looked at her and said:

ummm, uhhhhh..wow! Uhhhhh…your workout is awesome!”

I type much better than I talk

She knew what I was trying to say. I do not think I was the only one who has ever said this to her. I loved her reply:

“Thanks man! I still have five pounds to lose!”

Wow! That made my day. I love confidence, and I love how she inspired ME to work out harder.
When I left the gym today, there was only two unanswered questions I had:

1. So many people have inspired me, how many people have I inspired?

2. The hurricane must be thinking about cutting off her foot, because I am not sure how she is going to lose five pounds!!

What inspires you to do the things you do each and every day?

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