First off, I want to thank everyone for all the great emails that were sent to me! I have gotten a ton the last couple of days, which is great! I think I answered all of them, but I am sure a few slipped through the cracks!
I love the email system, because it is personal, and you are not putting yourself out there for everyone to see. Forums can be tough sometimes!For me, I never did very good with forums. I would always ask the “dumb” question, or I would never even ask the question I really wanted to. Emailing someone was always the best for me!

A couple of things though:

This is my blog, not a forum. I really appreciate comments, but I write incredibly fluff pieces, nothing to offend anyone. I try to write something so you and I are entertained for three minutes out of the day. If something I write really offends you, or irritates you, then email me! Putting a comment for all to see, and embarrass me, well, save that for your blog. Also, have some courage and do not post nastiness Anonymously! I will keep that two cents!

Also, I want to make it clear that no one, and I mean no one, asks dumb questions. When you send an email to anyone, do not state “This may seem like a dumb question….” There are no dumb questions! Except the one time I asked if love was a zero point snack!

One other thing, please do not down play YOUR weight loss. I do not like hearing
“I know you have lost 200 pounds, but I have only lost 80!”
Any weight loss is tremendous! Especially anything over 20 pounds! There are so many people who gain weigh. Living a healthy lifestyle is a great achievement!

Anyway, I got a couple of emails asking where I have been.
Wow, I did not realize I was gone?
I have not posted in two days, but I can see your point. I usually blog once to twice a day!
So let me get you caught up. Work has been busy and stressful. I am now working at 5am on Monday morning, which means……

I have a new weigh-in day! Tubular Tuesdays!

That is right, this week, I weighed in today, Tuesday, Barack day!
So I went to WW, and it felt weird.
No Barb…No Beth…..

Just women I have never seen before!
I went on the scale without a “How are ya Tony”, or anything.
It felt awkward, like the first day I was there 11 months ago!
When I went on the scale, I got no reaction.
At 209.8 pounds, I am very aware that a plateau is coming. I am also aware that I will be gaining a pound here or there, with no rhyme or reason!
The women handed me my little WW book where she documents my weight loss, and did not say a word.
I left because I had other things to do today! Like this…..

I worked out, cooked for my wife’s office, and did some paper work at the store. All on my day off!
Super JARED!!!!

Anyway, when I looked at the WW log book, I saw that I lost .8 pounds!

Lost .8 pounds!!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means I have lost 211 pounds.

So please keep on sending emails. I will reply to questions I receive. If you do not believe I send answers back, check out Brandi’s post!

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