You know, I have changed the way I live. So many people are doing the same in 2009, which is great! Here is the only problem with that…

So many people do not know how to live a healthier life!

It is true. Living a healthy life can be tough at first.

What to eat, when to work out, if you should work out, etc.

I get emails from people who ask me how to get started, is Weight Watchers for them, is fiber the answer, how long to workout.
I try to answer as many of them as I can.

I did get a link for a website I would like to share…

Before I even get into this, I did not get any type of payment or reward for talking about this. I was sent a link to this website, and i saw that it was not about losing weight, but getting healthy. My wife’s eyes gleamed when she saw that, so I wanted to promote it. Now, I can not wait for the day where Fiber One comes and pays all of my bills to promote their cereal. Yum!
It is The National Body Challenge by the Discovery Network. It is pretty cool. It is free, which is great with this economy. It gives a lot of information for people who are starting to live a healthy life. Perfect for 2009!
Plus, I think there is a free 30 day gym membership somewhere in there for those who are thinking about joining a gym.
Check it out!

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