Whenever I read comments from my posts, sometimes I see a couple of funny little nuggets floating in there.
That is right! Sometimes, you ladies like to throw in a few comments that make me blush!

“You are a hunk!”

“What a hottie!”

“Are you bringing sexy back, yeah ;)!”

It is a new experience to be flirted with!
Usually, I am the one that does not get noticed, except from my wife.
Now, I feel like I need to be on the Cover of “Dynamite” magazine with Scott Baio and Ricky Schroder.

Oh year, it is not 1984……

I mean, I need to be the star in High School Musical 20! That is hip, right?

Anyway, I did not want to tell my wife this but…….

I have been quite the stud this week.

Maybe it is the way I wear my Wal-Mart pants?

Maybe it is the way I wear my sweatshirts, with the all-sexy hoodie addition?

Maybe it is just my fantastic charm of rolling my eyes every three seconds!

Anyway, I got hit on not once, but TWICE this week. I am a regular Fonzie! Ayyyyyyyyy!

The first time was when I went to the supermarket. I was incredibly excited because Fiber One was BOGO (Buy One Get One Free). When I was checking out in line, there was a real nice older women scanning my products. She looked like Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith Show. She asked me how I was doing today. I told her:

“I am fine.”

Then, all of the sudden, she said:

“Yes you are!”

A little shocked, I said:

“Yes, that is what i said!”

She winked at me, and then I realized that the charm of my Old Spice deodorant has kicked in! I understand getting hit on by a cougar, but a dinosaur?

So I just smiled, and was on my way.

I realized the Anti Jared was simply irresistible!

I did not tell my wife about it because I thought it was too weird.

But, lightning struck twice!!

I went to Sam’s Club three days later, and when I was looking at some salsa to get, two women old enough to be God walked by me. One walked right up to me, and told her friend:

“I am standing next to this hunk!”

I tried to walk away, but all I could feel was a hand squeezing my tush, and then this whispered in my ear:

Remember, don’t take wooden nickels and do not eat yellow snow!”

I appreciated the wooden nickel pointer, but I live in Florida. Was the yellow snow comment really necessary!

Finally, after this instance, I realized that my manly charms were too much! I realized that after losing 200 pounds, I was too much man for women born during the Civil War!

I finally told my wife!

When I was telling my wife, she did bring up a good point! She asked me:

“Okay, so these women were older. But, what if you did get hit on by a young beautiful woman, which could and would happen? What would you do!”

It took me half a second to answer that one!

Hmmmm, I would stick with the woman who loved me at 400 pounds just like she loves me at 209.8 pounds!”

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