Somebody once told me the best way to overcome a fear is to go at it head on.

That is the way I felt about stairs this weekend.

I have never been a fan of stairs before. I do not think any overweight or “out-of-shape” person is. Whenever I went to the mall, I never took the stairs, I took the escalator. Whenever I went to the doctor’s office, I went on the elevator. I always avoided stairs! In fact, I rarely went up the stairs in our house. There was no reason to, unless I wanted to be out of breath halfway up.

Three years ago, stairs embarrassed me. It also scared me!

In December of 2005, I went to Minnesota for a week long work function. I remember having to find a 5XL coat for the week, which I did at the ol‘ reliable “Casual Male”
I also remember having to personally pay to upgrade my flight to first class, not because I wanted the extra beverages and snacks, but because it was the only seat that could “barely” hold me and it was cheaper than getting two seats.
When all of that was taken care of, I was off to Minnesota. It was a leadership conference for work, which was good. I learned a lot, but felt out of place, as always at that weight.

There was one day we were going to give back to the community, and donate out time to a battered woman’s shelter. I love giving back, so i was excited. I remember that we all went give our time, and most were looking forward to it! The office we were going to work out of was on the tenth floor of an old building. Everyone went to the elevator just to find out…

The elevator was not working!

Everyone sighed. It was a burden for most to climb those stairs.

Not me, I was horrified! It was impossible to do it!

As a 400 pound guy, climbing those stairs was scary.

But, I needed to do it. I could do it!

After getting to the third flight of stairs, I realized I could not do it. No way in the world was I able to go up those ten flights. Embarrassed, I sat down on the third flight, and did not go with the rest of the group.
I waited there for an hour, until everyone was done. When the group got back, no one questioned me at all. They all knew why I could not go, because I would have had a heart attack if I were to climb the stairs. In fact, the only comment was made by a higher up who said

“You really should lose weight.”

That day bothered me, and even through getting healthy, I did not go up stairs.

This weekend, the hotel had tons of stairs everywhere. Although I am pretty confident with my fitness level and weight loss, I had those same scared feelings all over again.

I wanted to go on the elevator! I wanted to go on the escalator! Anything but the stairs!

But something inside me had to prove that i was better than stairs.
So I did it, I went up three flights of stairs. Something weird happened:

I was not out of breath!

So I kept on doing it this weekend. I must have gone up and down the stairs over twenty times. It felt great.I ran up the stairs once, and jogged up another time. I was smiling from ear to ear each time. People were staring at me like I was an idiot.

I wish the higher up at work would have been staring at me this time!

What fear have you overcome?

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