It is so rare for me to be off on a Saturday! I NEVER get a weekend day off, so when I do, I have so much planned…….. but yet seem to be very lazy!

Well, today I wanted to go to a Weight Watchers meeting. I wanted to go all week, but have not had the time! I weighed in this Monday, but was not able to stay for the meeting. Work has been very busy as of late, which is a good thing!
So today, I went to a different Weight Watchers, about 20 minutes from my house. I have never been to a Saturday meeting, so I thought it would be fun. I have made the commitment to tell my story at different meetings , and maybe inspire others.
Believe it or not, I am kind of a shy guy.

Side note here, but if you have not been to a Weight Watchers meeting, you should go. It is amazing how many people you see who have the same struggles that you did/do. It is a big help!

So I went into the meeting today, and it was packed! I looked around, and as always, I was the only guy there.

Ehh, who cares, we are all in this for a healthier life, right!

The leader gets up, and starts talking. Her name is Jen. She is this very young girl (23 I think she said), who I could not understand very well. The first thing she said was she has quit and joined three times. No lie! After that, I think this is the monologue

“So um, like New Years was OK. Not great, but good, points were okay.Stupid M and M’s! Like, who eats one!Then my BF told me to put on a HAWT shirt! I put on the shirt and yelled “Muffin Top!” Uhhhhh, I hate that! But seriously, like who eats good on New Years anyway!”

I wasn’t sure if she was on drugs, or I needed to ask her to the prom!

Anyway, she was spunky, so all the women in the meeting loved her! It reminded them of what it was like to be young during the Great Depression!

I loved it, because I knew it would be great blogging material!

She was very interactive, and she asked me a lot of questions. I loved it! I answered them back real quick, and she was very intrigued by me (keep in mind she did not know I lost 200 pounds!)

Then she said something that sparked me,

“I bet you are like one of those guys that eats Big Mac’s because it is in your point range, right!”

Now, I am a humble man. But, that comment irritated me a touch.
So, for the next 5 minutes, the floor was mine. I got up, and started telling people about my story. I told them how I lost all the weight in 2008, and how I learned to eat. I told everyone how working out became my life, and how proud my wife was of me.

I looked around, and it seemed like everyone was moved by what I was saying. It felt good!

When I was done, the leader looked at me and said:
“Oh my gawd! Like 200 pounds is a lot! But ladies, a great way to lose weight like that guy is to Wear Spanx when you go out to eat. Like, you can’t eat as much. I tried to eat Pumpkin Pie, and said like “get in my belly pie!” but like…..
Then I realized that the women were loving her! They were whooping and high fiving each other like it was the Arsenio Hall Show!
All because of this Spanx thing, which I guess is like a girdle. I am not sure! I am a guy!

I did learn that this meeting helped me out because I do not want Spanx, or some cream to help me lose weight. The leader inspired me! I want to live a great life. I have joined Weight Watchers once, that is it. I do not want to be a three time joiner. I do not want to fail!

On my way out, a woman came up to me and said

“Sonny, that is a lot of weight you lost. Quite the inspiration!”

Well, at least I moved one of them!

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