I am on a blogging tear lately!
I have decided to try to make more frequent posts. Why? Well……….
I really think that blogging helps me with weight loss! Actually, I think blogging helps people lose weight.

It wasn’t like that for me four months ago!
In fact, if it weren’t for my wife, you might have never seen this blog!

I remember starting my blog in April. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it. I just wanted a place to write down my weight loss, and a few ideas I had. I am not the best writer in the world, but I love to put my ideas on paper!
I got the idea of a blog from my brother.
About 90% of you know who my brother is because he has brought a lot of traffic! For the ones that do not, he is Joe Posnanski. He is a sports columnist for the Kansas City Star, Sports Illustrated, and he has also written two books, and is on his third.

Yes, these are books that you can get at any bookstore anytime. They are not “Internet only” books.

He is the best writer I have ever known, and I am not saying that because he is my brother!
Anyway, he started a sports blog that got national attention. I think he has had over 6 million hits on his site so far!
I have never been known as a writer. I was always the chef, the one who loves restaurants!

So, believe it or not, I had the blog for six months without telling anyone about it. It was personal to me. I did not want to be ridiculed for my writing! I was already working hard to lose weight, I did not want anything distracting me!

I remember getting a comment from my friend Carlos, and wondering how he even found my blog? It was weird.

So around the end of September my wife found my blog. She was the first person close to me to know about it! Don’t ask me how she found out about my blog, but she did!
She read the six posts I had, and started to cry. I guess it was weird for her to see my feelings in writing. It was touching to her, with a little humor as well! She was telling me how wonderful they were, and she never knew that I was a great writer.

Me… a great writer?? Not sure about that.

She told me I should write more. She said that not only was my weight loss inspiring, but it was actually a very interesting story.

Table for 200 lost please!!!!

Orlando, FL- Young Chef/ Managing Partner was at his end. At 400 pounds, surgery was his only option. So he thought!
With the help of Weight Watchers, The F-Factor Diet, and exercise, Tony has lost over 200 pounds!!! And the surgery never happened!

She inspired me to write more. She said The Anti-Jared could be very popular!

I blogged a little, and added some pictures of my progress….then I got some nice comments……….

After that, I started to post a little more frequently. I wanted more people to see it, but as you know, getting traffic is rough! I added pictures, but it still was tough!
I asked my brother to help me promote my blog, and he wrote a little piece about me in his blog.
It helped me big time!
After that, I started to promote it as well. I went on all the weight loss forums and would tell my story. I was known as very annoying, but I really think that my story is a good one!
I posted often on my blog, and I tried to be as candid and honest as I could.
Truth be told, it has helped me with weight loss. I work hard so I can blog about it. I love writing about what I eat, and the WW meeting I go to. It is a lot of fun.
I work extremely hard on this blog. It takes me a little while to think of a fun post!
I have now written over 100 posts. Some are great, some are not so great!!!
I have has comments from so many people! I am very thankful.
Trust me, I read “tons” of blogs every day. I love your blogs! I know about what you eat, and what obstacles you overcome. It is like I know you without meeting you! It is so much fun.
Believe it or not, I also get frustrated when you do not post often.Once a week, or once a month is not enough for me!!!
I want to promote as many of your blogs as I can. I know how hard it can be to get people to view your great writings. Let’s see how many great url’s we can get on here! Please, on this post, leave your blog address and a brief comment about it so others can see your blog.
I also have not updated my Blogroll in forever. Let me know if you would like to be on there!

You never know who you will inspire!

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