Some people say I have willpower!

Some people say I have determination!

My wife says I am crazy!

I agree with my wife!

I am a weird person. I always have been. That is not an insult to myself, nor is it disrespectful!

I am just plain weird!

Here are some examples of my weirdness!

Weird #1-I have not had a drop of Alcohol since I was 22 years old, which is over 10 years. Here is the only reason why:
I was out at a club with a bunch of my friends many years back. one of my friends was not drinking. We were all having fun, but he was sitting there. So I asked him:
“Why aren’t you drinking?”
His response:
“Alcohol is for people with low self esteem!”
It is the dumbest comment I have ever heard. Yet, for some reason it stuck with me. Since then, I have not had a drink.

If only he would have said that about

Weird #2- I have not had a regular soda since 1990
During the Snackwell era, “diet” drinks were everywhere. I made a commitment to never drink a regular soda.
It went much further than that. I would only drink a diet soda if it was canned or in a closed bottle. For some reason, I would think that someone would try to switch drinks on me, and make me drink the sugar! Also, if I felt that the drink did not taste “diet”, even if it was bottled or canned, I would spit it out, and throw it away!

FYI- I gained over 700 pounds and lost 440 during 1990-2008, the “diet” soda era.

Weird #3- I have to wear Grey shorts to my Weigh In each week
Whether I gain or lose, I always wear Grey shorts. I still wear a pair of 2XL shorts that are too big on me. I wear those, a white shirt, no socks, and untied shoes. I think there is magic in the Grey shorts.

Well, this week, I wore black shorts!

Driving to my weigh in, I reflected on the week:

1. I ate real well. My portions were in line, and I decided to only eat raw vegetables. So my wife would roll her eyes while I ate a head of cauliflower. Just so you know, I think she writes those negative comments on my blog (I’m kidding, it is my puppy that writes annonymously!!!)

2. My workouts have not been as intense lately, so I decided to take five days off last week. It does not sound like a big deal, but when you have worked out for six to seven days a week for the last year, it is different. I finally worked out on Sunday, and had a great workout! I was happy!

3. Work was stressful. Restaurants are a little scary in this market. Luckily, we were busier than expected. I think the Super Bowl being two hours away helped business.

4. Blogging has been fun. I have dealt with the annoyance of being the annoyance on forums. I will admit, I am not a very good “threader”. I say my piece and leave! People hate that!

5. I did not nor will I ever watch The Biggest Loser! I do not care if it is the best season ever!

With all of this in my mind, I walked into Weight Watchers.
The receptionist behind the counted knew me, although I have NEVER seen her before. She was telling me how different I looked.

Wow, she looked different also. Again, I have never seen her before.

She was a very chatty receptionist. That I liked! She was bubbly, and full of life.
That is what I needed!
When I got on the scale she said:

Hmm, you gained….no wait, you lost…no, hold on”

WHAT!!! Was there a hanging chad on my weight?

“There we go, great job! You lost .8 pounds!”

.8 pounds lost, I was happy! That makes it 212 pounds lost. Yippee!
I think she felt bad because she told me I gained at first. I told her:

“Do not feel bad at all! It was my fault. I should have worn the Grey shorts!”

Sidenote- The title of this post is dedicated to the special person in my life!

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