I do not know much about women, but my wife has taught me two things:

1. You can not have enough shoes

2. There is a HUGE difference between Target and Wal-Mart

I have always been a fan of “anything” Mart (Wal or K) but my wife loves Target. I guess it has the upper class of crap we need!

Anyway, we went shopping a couple of weeks ago, and while checking out, she pointed to the “People Half Their Size” magazine. We are both suckers for weight loss magazines!
She looked at it, and said:
“Look honey, those women lost 154, 119, and 126 pounds! You totally lost more than them! Way to go!”

I smiled, but then made the mistake of opening my critical mouth:

“Yeah, I lost more, but I did not lose half my weight! So what they did is more impressive!”

My wife looked at me and said

“You know…..like you are not going to lose half your weight!”

So I gave it time, a whole 10 days from that incident!

Today, I have officially lost more than I weigh. I weigh 209.8 pounds for the first time since…oh hell, I do not even know! I lost 1.8 pounds this week, and 210.4 pounds overall.

I realized that I have inspired many, but now more than ever it is time to inspire more. I am reading a lot about people who are struggling, and making comments like

“There is always tomorrow!”

“I did great until Friday night!”

The truth is, we all struggle. I have done so for 32 years!
I hope that I am proof that it is well worth it to be on track. I know I have proven it to myself, which is important!
Believe it or not, I lost 17.4 pounds since Thanksgiving where the average person gains 5.6 pounds. Not bad!
Trust me, I am not bragging or gloating. I have put in a ton of work and sacrifice! It is not easy for me because “I am a guy”, or Ohhh, you work out”. No, I watch everything that goes in my mouth. I eat well so I can post a weight loss on Mondays for all of my friends (you!) to see.

And one day, a newspaper or television show will pick up my story. Maybe I can inspire more! I am not worried about the money or fame. I just wished there was someone like me when I was struggling.
Someone who was so big he could not go to the bathroom, and now he is running on the beach picking up seashells.
Someone who used to eat at every fast food restaurant, and now is passionate about healthy options.
Someone who had to go to the chiropractor four days a week, and now goes to the gym six times a week.
This morning the gym was empty and Weight Watchers had 5 people in the meeting.
They were both packed last week! What happened to the New Years resolutions!
Okay, I am getting off my soapbox now. I do want to say i am glad I do inspire people who follow this blog (Once was 3 people, now it is 153!) It makes me feel good. I will leave you with this I-Report I did on myself and a picture of me with my old shorts, Jared style!

It is nice to be half the man I used to be! I was a lot of man before!

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