A lot of people ask me what I eat, and so many people have come up with the notion that I have lost 200 pounds by eating apples only!!!!!
As a bonus to my blog, I want to do a little series of how I have lost the weight. Here is part one… THE FOOD!

Have you heard about this guy who lost 200 pounds by eating only apples and broccoli?

Yeah, his name is Jared!

Oh…well, who is that Tony guy?

That is me, let me tell you how I lost 200 pounds!

My name is Tony P. I live in Florida, have a wonderful wife, a pup, and a baby on the way.
I am generally a good person, but have always had an eating problem. I just never could control my eating. It is still tough to this day, and will always be.
Working in a restaurant for 14 hours a day can wear on you. It can also make for horrible eating habits!
Fast Food and Chinese Food were the way of life! At 400 plus pounds, I was consuming over 8000 calories a day. The problem with that was I was not a Olympic swimmer! My breathing was rough, my life was bad. The doctor told me I needed to make a decision in life. Gastric Bypass was the best way to go…….


That is when I decided to skip surgery and change the way I eat!

Change the way I live!

On a warm day in February, I looked at my beautiful wife and said “It’s time!”
I started to control my portions. At first, I would eat frozen dinners, and 100 calorie snacks. I was on Weight Watchers, and I was given a lot of points (Calories) a day. I was given 44 points, which is like 2400 calories.
Going from 8000 calories to 2400 calories made the weight come off quick. I was losing more than 2 pounds a week. I guess I had a better metabolism than I thought! I lost most of my weight within the first four months. It made me nervous!
I was losing, yet, I felt hungry.
When I really started to get into Weight Watchers, I learned about a program called Core. Core is similar to South Beach. Basically, it is a “more bang for your buck” mentality. There are certain foods on the list you eat, and you eat until you are hungry.
The foods were fruits, vegetables, beans, lean meats, starches (One a day), etc. It sounded interesting. I mean, I have eaten apple pie, but never an apple. I have had a mango smoothie, but never a mango. I have had chicken and broccoli, but never steamed broccoli.

What did I have to lose?

Then I read a book about fiber that also helped me with my eating decisions. It showed me how 35grams of fiber a day will help your metabolism and keep your cholesterol down.Mine was over 300 at the time. Again…

What did I have to lose?

So I started Weight Watchers Core/South Beach phase two. That is what changed my life!
I eat a variety of foods. I do not get bored at all. There are so many now to choose from. In fact, when I was morbidly obese, I thought there were two kinds of apples. Red and Green!
Nope, there are tons:

Golden Delicious

Granny Smith

But apples and broccoli were not the only thing I ate.

Raspberries, Strawberries, Mango, Broccoli, Cabbage, Onions, Mushrooms, Salmon, Sea bass, Chicken, Asparagus, Cottage Cheese, Soy milk, FIBER ONE!!!, All-Bran, Oatmeal, High Fiber Crackers, Salsa, Fat Free Cheese, Black beans, Lentils, Barley, Beef Jerky,Eggs, Cauliflower, Egg Beaters, Soups Galore!, Pears, Carrots, Cantaloupe, Grouper, Ground Chicken,Turkey, Green Beans, Spinach, Lettuce, Oysters, Crab Legs, Lobster……

The list goes on and on…….

The funny thing about this is that I am a Chef. I recently got promoted at work, but I will always be a Chef. When I first started this journey, I looked around my kitchen at work, and saw so many unhealthy things, but i also saw a lot of healthy things as well. I realized that I needed to make different choices. Sure, it is not easy, but I do realize it was well worth it in the long run.
So part one of my transformation was changing the way I ate. I did it, and it was HARD! Then I asked myself…

What did I have to lose?

Oh yeah, 200 plus pounds!

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