My life has changed a lot over the last year.

Now I blog, have lost weight, gotten healthier, and got promoted at work, and have a baby on the way.

Sure, I know it can change at any moment. I can lose my job during this economic downfall, or sprain my ankle and not be able to work out.
Trust me, I think about it.
I am pretty sure that I will always eat the way I do, because I do enjoy it now. It is not work, it is fun now. I really do not miss the way so many processed foods made me feel!

The one thing that I NEVER thought would change about me over the last year is my lack of television watching.

DVR doesn’t even know me anymore.

I used to watch every reality show, a few sitcoms, and the news. I used to spend probably 4-5 hours a day watching. Now…not so much. Actually, I thought Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef were the same show!
In fact, my wife had to remind me that yesterday was the American Idol premier. Wow, I would have never predicted that!

I also would not have predicted that I did not care!

So it was a little weird that I was watching TV this morning. At 6am, there was not a lot of options!
But I did watch a infomercial by Celebrity Fitness Trainer Tony Horton selling”The 10 minute trainer!”
Tony was telling me that I could have the body I wanted in only 10 minutes a day. Just pop in a DVD, and work with him for 10 minutes!

Wow! 10 minutes! I was intrigued!

Tony was telling me that he knew I lived a busy lifestyle.
Tony was telling me that he knew I had a six pack of abs somewhere.
Tony was telling me that I wanted to wear those jeans that made the guys go crazy.
Hmmmm, not check! But, I did want to wear jeans!

Tony told me the secret was the revolutionary “Superstacking” system that combined every plan into one! Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Arms, Back, Babysitting, Dancing, and Cooking all in 10 minutes! Just pop in the DVD, work with some big rubber band, and I am on my way!

I knew there was a catch. I mean, this system probably cost….like 380 dollars!

NONONONO!!!! If I acted right away, I would get “Express Shipping” which is still seven business days, and only two payments of $39.99 with over 4,000 free gifts, including a Clapper, and a Blade-Be-Gone for my old razors!

All joking aside, I had a epiphany today, and realized two things:

1. I really envy people like Tony Horton. Here is a guy who obviously worked hard to get the results he has, yet he can go on TV and sell this shit (Sorry Dad, I had to swear on this one) product to millions. I never could do it! I remember being a mortgage broker years ago, and doing bad because I could not charge people too much for my services.
If I had 10% of his chutzpah, I would be a millionaire. I just can’t lie to people. 10 minutes is a great start, but it is not going to get you into cardio heaven! Not lying is a blessing and a curse.

Trust me, I wish I could say I lost my weight with this product, or the Acai Berry, or a Bowflex.

Alas, I did not. Now, Fiber One, Weight Watchers, The F-Factor Book, Broccoli, IPod, National Gyms… I can promote you! You got me where I am today, and I am thankful.

2. I spend a hour of my life watching this infomercial. That is 60 minutes. I could have worked out 6 times to this product. The truth is, I have a flabby stomach, and I am starting to see muscle definition, yet I work out at least a hour a day, six to seven days a week. If I have 60 minutes to watch this show, then I have time to work out, or eat healthy, or spend time with my wife. Heck, I have time to do whatever.
I guess “in a nutshell” life is about sacrifices. I sacrificed my health for work, or TV, or really anything that was not going to better me the next day.

Trust me, I am not saying give up work, or TV, or anything like that. But truly ask yourself if you have time? And if you are going to spend $80 on this product, why not spend it for six months at a gym?

I am saying that if I had 60 minutes to watch Tony Horton, then I had 60 minutes to go to the gym!

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