So today I had some work done to my car. i was irritated, but not a big deal at all! I drove my wife’s car to work today, which is similar to mine.
I realized that when you are used to something, it is weird not to have it.
My car has satellite radio in it, and my wife’s does not. So down the road, I am wanting to listen to some Hot Jamz, Howard Stern, or Sirius hits 1, but instead I was listening to this thing called FM Radio. I also realized how annoying commercials are.
I finally turned the station and I heard one of my favorite songs, which is “Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys.

Sometimes a smell or quote or a song can trigger a memory. This song brings a story to mind.

About three years ago, my kitchen was running rough. I was understaffed, and busy so everyone had to do the job of two or three people! We all pulled together though. but there was a lot of negativity!
I had a dishwasher at the time who always smiled and danced around! I always thought he was a couple nickels short of a dollar, but he did a really good job, so I did not bother him. No matter how mean people were to him (and they were mean to him!), no matter how many times people threw food on him by accident, or made him take out all of the trash, he was always happy.

Sidenote– being a dishwasher is a very under appreciated job! Finding a good dishwasher is like having a great kicker for a football team. If you do not have one, you will never win.

Anyway, this guy never asked for money, nor did he complain about his hours. He did a great job, in a real rough environment!
I pulled him in the office one day and told him I was giving him more money.
He told me no!

That is the only time someone ever told me no for more money.

I kind of went off on him:
“Listen, you do a great job here. I do not want to lose you. I have had horrible turnover lately, and this is not the best environment to be in. Especially for a dishwasher. I do not want you to quit, and I see how people treat you! I want to compensate you.”

This dishwasher, who never talked, just sang songs by Cameo, looked at me, and said the weirdest thing:

“You know what the difference between heaven and hell is? Nothing. They are the same, just the way you look at it. This is my heaven!”

With that, he went back to work. He still works for me to this day, making the same amount of money.

When I heard that song, I thought about that quote today. I am listening to Oprah being upset she is 200 pounds, yet I am excited to get to be 200 pounds. I see people write me to tell me they “Only” lost 60 pounds, yet so many people gained weight last year! I see people complain about things in their lives they can change, yet I see this woman being so strong!

I am a very “glass half full” person, and I guess I am a little irritated with the “glass half empty” people. There are situations we can control, yet some we can not. Either way, it is life, and we should deal with it.

In 2008, I went through a lot of issues, but I always came up on top. For the first time, I did not go to food when the economy got rough, or when there were family issues.

No, I made this comment that made my wife’s eyes roll:

Uhhh, I ate too much broccoli!”

I changed, but I have always been positive. I am in heaven now! I want others to realize maybe they are there as well, and not in hell!
I am kind of glad i heard that song today. Hearing it made me realize something else:

I need to buy my wife a damn Sirius radio!

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