“Good Luck Tony!”

That is what Cristy said to me today……

Wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning!

Today is Monday, which is my favorite day of the week. It is weigh in day, or game day!

I woke up to the pup-a-barking! I went to walk her, and she said:

“You know father. I hear you talk about apples a lot, but raspberries have a lot more fiber. Actually, they have 8 grams per serving, and I know you watch your fiber intake!”

Wow, I have one smart pooch!

After walking her, it was off to the gym, and was working out between the BlackBerry twins! Texting away like crazy. It made me work out harder. I had a great workout!
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After the workout, it was off to my weigh in. I went to weigh in early because I had to rush into work right after. I had to take care of a few issues at the store, so I only had time for a quick pop on the scale.
Of course, I am an idiot and forgot that it was every one’s New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.

Weight Watchers was packed! I wasn’t sure if I was going to weigh myself, or I was in line to get Springsteen tickets!
When I was in line, I saw a regular from the meeting Cristy! She is nice, and I think she has lost over 20 pounds in two months, which is AWESOME!!!
She was telling me she did not eat so great for New Years, but she had a wonderful time with her husband!
I was happy for her!
She went on the scale before me, and the leader did not say a word. She just handed her book back to her.
Yeah, that means a gain!
Cristy looked at her weigh-in, and said

Huhhhh, well, worse than I thought, but it is only one week!”

I was happy she looked at it that way!
After that, she looked at me and said “Good Luck!”
Good luck?
I appreciated her comment, because she is very nice, but it made me think. This journey has been nothing about luck!

I thought of my past week, and the obstacles I overcame, just like every week the last ten months!

I thought about my wife, who is pregnant. She is in this awesome phase called the “I don’t know!” phase which consists of me driving everywhere to get her a snack! I love it!!!

Actually, I am so happy about the baby, that I will deal with driving around!

I found myself in the Wendy’s drive-thru for my wife. My wife can eat in moderation, I can not. I know this! Was I tempted to get something? No!
I could have, but I did not want to!

That was not luck, that was will power!

When I sat for a meeting with my boss this week, he wanted to split an order of Chicken Marsala and Penne Alfredo with me. I looked at him and said “No, I am not hungry!”
I could have eaten with him, it would have been an easy solution. I could have said we can have a salad, but I knew what he wanted to eat.
I am the one that needs to sacrifice, not him!

That was not luck, that was determination.

Of course, my boss did decide to say after I told him I was not hungry:

“Oh yeah, I forgot Mr. Skinny! Why don’t we just split a damn ice cube after lunch!”

Mmmmmm, cold and refreshing! Yum!

When the gym closed early on New year’s Eve, I made sure to wake up early to get two workouts in on New years Day.
I could have slept in, I was sooo tired. but I knew that working out was important!

That was not luck, that was courage!

So there is no luck in my life. I have worked hard the last ten months! I do not question my Weigh In’s. I have doubters, but live with me for a week, and you will see how I lose the weight!
When i got on the scale, I was looking right at Barbara! i was not shocked with the results. Happy, but not shocked! She said:

“Tony, 3.2 pounds down this week! WOWOW!!!! During the holidays also. You should be plateauing right now. You are amazing. You know, it is going to be hard for you to be a Weight Watchers leader, being you lost the weight so quick!”

“Barbara, I do not need the “WW” part in front of the title to know that I am a leader!”

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