Here is quick blog post, because I have another one I want to write!

If you have Facebook or Twitter, and are my friend, then you saw that I was kicked off the Weight Watchers forums! I was told not to post or reply anymore, in a nice WW way.
It was bound to happen. I expected it, and I am not mad.
I have been using the WW forums to let members know that there is hope to lose 200 pounds. I would write a message, and then tell people to email me.
I did not promote my blog, although it was on my profile page, and I did say I had a link to some before and current pics.
I never did this for personal gain, or a pat on the back. I did it for hope!
I remembered being 400 pounds, and writing on the forums. I would get snapped at, or told my question was stupid. It made me keep my thoughts inside.
So WW gave me my final warning today. They removed every post I have put on over the last few weeks.
When I would post a thread, I would get over 1000 new WW members to my blog, and over 200 emails with questions, and I responded to them all.
I guess that is why I am a little sad, because I was able to help so many WW members.

Don’t worry, I will find a new way!

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