New Years Eve was a crazy night at my restaurant!
If you go out to eat that night, you know how crazy restaurants can be! Well, mine was not different.We were very busy! At one point, it seemed like we would not be able to seat all of the people that came in! Yikes!
But as always, everything turned out well. The staff did an awesome job, and the food looked really good! My chef has done a very good job with the quality in my restaurant.
The guests were very pleased as well. When I walked around and talked to the guests, they all were so pleased with the food, and service! A lot of them are regulars, and I love talking to them. It makes me feel good to know that I have done a job well done.
I went by one table who looked familiar, but I could not figure out why? It was an elderly couple, and the older gentleman was raving that this was the best experience they have ever had in the restaurant. The food was great, and the management was pleasant. He asked for my business card so he could complement me to our corporate office.
This couple has not been back in the restaurant of over 4 YEARS!!!! He was telling me that 4 years ago, they had a problem with the “Fat Chef who could not order tonic water!”
Wait a second? I was the chef 4 years ago? Yes, I was plump as well!
Then I remembered. I knew this guy! I call him… “Tonic Bastard!”

4 years ago on Valentine’s Day, we were slammed. I am talking about incredibly busy, busier than I have ever been in my life. I was cooking, and trying to organize the food. At 400 pounds, I was sweating like crazy, all over everything. I was tired, and exhausted as well, but I was still working hard. Everything was going beautifully!
Well, as the Chef, not only was I in charge of the food, but also in charge of the orders. I ensured that the restaurant never ran out of any product.
All of the sudden, while being extremely busy, this old man grabs my jacket and asks “You the Chef!”
I was 400 pounds in a Chef Jacket with my name and title on it! Hmmmmm….
I really wanted to say “No, I am the man of your dreams!” but his tone did not seem like he was ready to dance with me. I told him I was the Chef, and then he let me have it.
For some reason, I was out of tonic water in the restaurant. I did not order any, and I was too busy to go to the local supermarket to pick up some. This guy was yelling at me, telling me I was incompetent, and stupid. His wife could not enjoy dinner without a “Gin and Tonic” and I ruined his Valentine’s Day!
I remember apologizing and offering him another drink on me, but he would not listen. He just kept on telling me how stupid I was. Then i remember him saying ” Maybe you shouldn’t be eating so much and you should do your job!”

In any type of service industry, you need to remember two things:
1. Do not take things personally
2. Do not pick battles with guests.
If you can not do that, you will fail!

This guy wrote a letter to corporate on me, but never put my name down. He just referred to me as “Fat Chef!”. I also remember being the butt of some jokes in the region. Chefs would say “Hey Fat Chef, do you need to borrow a sip of tonic!” and stuff like that.
From that day forward, I learned not to run out of things. I always have to learn things the hard way! But, at least I learned!

Anyway, back to the present. So this guy was telling me the story about the “incompetent fat chef”, and I realized he has no idea who I was. I listened to him praise me, yet insult me. It was kind of flattering, yet degrading.

He thanked me for a great evening, and asked “What was that fat chef’s name?”

As I said in a lot of posts, I do not lie!

I answered back ” The fat chef? They call him Jared, and I do not think we will ever see him again!”

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