I wanted to blog about being on a ladder, but waking up to 20 emails over this post I wrote yesterday made me reconsider.
When I wrote a reply to the blogger via my blog, I was not upset, or hurt, or angry for that matter. I was annoyed. Now that my blog is a little more popular than it was three months ago, I get TONS of negative comments and emails. At first it bothered me, but truthfully, this is a blog. I mean, I have a life outside of here, and if I really get hurt over comments, then I should not be doing this.

Plus, I never go after anyone. I do not leave negative comments, or do I personally go after people for their weight loss triumphs or failures. There are people who are much more successful than I am. I applaud that!

Also, this is the last time I am going write about this!

When I came home yesterday, a blogger who I read mocked me in a post she had.


She has since taken down the comments, which I do not understand why. It is her blog!
She clearly wrote that I was annoying, and I thought I was God.

Here is what people do not know about me. I do not mind confrontation. I also do not mind debates. Just remember, I am pretty good at both! If I feel like my character is being attacked, then I will defend it. I am also very good with words. Not the best, but I can hold my own!

So I wrote back. I did not insult anyone, but mainly defended myself. I wrote why I do what I do, and how I expected an anonymous writer to make rude comments about me, not someone who is on my blogroll. It was not mean, but direct. I wrote it, forgot about it, and went to bed.

I have a wife, a baby on the way, and a fun SUNDAY OFF!!! I was excited actually!

When I woke up, I had emails galore, and the blogger quit blogging.

I do not want anyone to quit their passion. Her blog is good, and I read it, but I also want people to understand that I have a blog, and I have an opinion. If I feel that I am being mocked, then I will defend myself. I will say this one more time:

Do not confuse my kindness for weakness

Either way, I wrote this blogger an email not to quit. I did not fluff up the email, but wrote it in a way that she has given so many people courage and hope.

Dear Blogger,

After working a 14 hour day yesterday, I will admit, I found it incredibly annoying that you wrote those comments that were clearly about me. It is your blog, and the beauty of a blog is that you can write whatever you like. That is why I have one! It was very odd that someone who has given me such hope and good luck throughout my journey would mock my words. I was not hurt, or sad. I was really just annoyed.

Whether I am 200 or 400 pounds, I have always been strong.Confrontation has never been an issue.

I am like that Frosted Mini Wheat you see on TV. Some people see my unfrosted side, and some see my frosted side. You saw my frosted side.

On my blog, I always talk about hope. It is cheesy, and fluffy, and wonderful. I remember being over 400 pounds and going on boards, and having no hope. If you do not agree with it, that is cool! I do it so that person who was like me could maybe realize that their is a possibility.

If I say I will fail, or I will gain my weight back, then what hope is there for any dieter? Surgery is the best option then.
My journey is more that just me, it is for everyone who has sat in the doctors office and cried because their is no way they can lose 50,100, or 200 pounds!
I am not God, I just do not want to meet up with him earlier than expected.

Just know that you can write anything in your blog. Blogging is a safe haven! But also know that I am not stupid. I can put two and two together.

If you want to quit writing , that is up to you. I do not think you should, you are a fun writer. I read it every week!

I am not sorry for the post I wrote. You should not be as well! I still have you on my blogroll, and will never take it off. I still have a lot of respect for you.


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