So I have gotten a couple of emails about my wife eating a pancake in front of me.

“Jared, that is so cruel!!! Didn’t you want to eat it”

” You are an inspiration, but I can not believe your wife ate that delicious pancake!”

“Hey, weren’t you supposed to pimp my blog?”

Sometimes, I think it is harder for my wife to see me eat berries than it is for me to see her eat a pancake!

This post goes out to all of the boyfriends,girlfriends, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and everyone else who lives with or knows someone who is on a diet/making a life change/ trying to live better. Here it goes!

I am sooooooo sorry! I am the one that needs to change, not you!

You see, I always wanted the world to change around me. I wanted to live in a healthier world without changing myself. I wanted a ban on all fast food restaurants, and I wanted to be forced to eat healthy. Then, the truth hit me:

It will never happen! Never Ever!

My wife has “a” pancake. The pancake has a calorie value of 145. That is less than a frozen dinner, or a 2-3 point snack for you WW’s out there. She can control her food portions. She does not have a eating problem!
I have never eaten “a” anything, except “a” lot of food! I know this about me.
After 32 years, I have come to terms with it. Sometimes I wish I could just eat a pancake, or eat a cheeseburger, but it is not going to happen!
So I have to enjoy other foods. I do not feel deprived! It is a awesome way of life! I am glad I am doing it!
Today, I drove by a Taco Bell. I saw that the drive thru was packed!

People have not changed.

I saw a woman eating a burrito. She only had one. I remembered what I used to eat there:

3 Baja Gordita Beef, 7 Layer Burrito, Burrito Supreme, Grilled Stuffed Burrito, and a Diet Pepsi- Total Calories- 2591.

Side Note- I have not had a “Diet” drink in a year, but before that, I have only had “diet” drinks for the last twenty years. With that being said, I do think there is a correlation with diet drinks and hunger. I mean, I did gain over 250 pounds while only drinking “diet” drinks!

I drove by a McDonald’s today, and the drive thru was packed as well.

People have not changed.

I remember going through there, and ordering a ton as well:

3 Double Cheeseburgers, Big Mac, Grilled Chicken Club, McRib (When in season of course) and a Diet Coke- Total Calories- 2911.

I have….I mean I had no control. I am much better now. In fact, I have not been tempted for a year.

I do not think I will ever be tempted again!

Sure, I will overeat, but it will be apples and broccoli now. How exciting!
There has been a little negativity in the blogging world, but I would like to say one thing, since I am kind of an inspiration. Do not expect people around you to change. You need to! You need to be strong. There will always be temptation on every corner. Change your habits. I promise it will lead to success!
Anyway, my wife can eat what she wants around me anytime! If I fail at this, then I fail. No one else!

Plus, my berries were much better than that pancake!

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