Work has been very busy for my the last three months…. actually the last five years!
After the holidays though, it slows down, but I have been a little busier than expected. That is a good thing.
I have always worked a lot of hours. I hear about people who work a eight or nine hour day, and I do not remember the last time I have done that. My days are around twelve to fourteen hours, closer to the fourteen mark. I do not mind, because I have done it for so long.
My wife understands as well. This is nothing new for her. She knows that I put in a lot of hours. It is a good feeling of pride for our family as well.
With all of that being said, I also love blogging. Better yet, I love to write.
I have sacrificed some TV and some other hobbies for it, but it is sooo worth it!
I am not the best in my family by far, and my grammar are bads, but I really try to put forth a lot of effort in every post.
I also put forth a lot of effort into answering every email I get. Some slip through the cracks, and I apologize for that. But for most, I give an immediate response.

With that being said,I hate when bloggers/inspirations say they are too busy to reply to an email. It infuriates me!

Believe it or not, I have only been “truly” been blogging for about four months now. I have had this blog for about nine months, but I rarely posted before.
In September,a pretty popular weight loss blogger really inspired me to write more, because of her witty posts, and constant postings!.

I loved her posts!

I wanted to tell her how much she inspired me, so I took an hour of my day, and I wrote her a wonderful email, really telling her what she meant to my writing.

No Reply!

I resent it to her a month later, with an addition of my weight loss, and thanked her once again. I also asked her a question about blogging.

No Reply!

It made me mad. I spend all of this time, and I got nothing back. Plus, it was not like I was writing to Mark Twain! I mean, a popular blogger still has a day job, and is not that busy!!!

Anyway, I forgot about it, and put a lot of effort into this blog. I still have a free blogger account, but really focused on my posts. I also focused on letting people write about their blogs. I love it when new bloggers and my friend bloggers promote their blog on here. It is a great feeling!!!

With my weight loss, my blog started to get a little more popular. I get a few hits, and I love it!
Well, on one of my posts, my inspirational blogger left a comment.

It had a link to her blog, and told me what a inspiration I was.

I deleted it!

She did it the next day as well.

I deleted it.

I then sent her a email telling her not to post comments on my blog. I told her the story about my email I sent, and how I got no reply. I did not appreciate her trying to get more hits off of this site, which she was obviously trying to do. All she had to do was send a quick thank you!

Now, that email I got a response to. Go figure!

I vow to everyone that I will send back an email. Now, if you write me about how you want to lose weight and love cheeseburgers, or the generic “I want to lose weight, help!” then maybe not.
But I get about 60 emails a day, and most of them are genuine. I do not care how popular I get, I will always reply!

The Buh-Nun-Nu-Nun is the sound my Blackberry makes every time there is a new email. I LOVE that sound!!!!

I am proud to be an inspiration! An inspiration inspires others, which is what I love to do!

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