Here is a bonus blog post for the day!

It is Super Bowl Week!

Since I am a Carolina Panthers fan I am not very excited about the game.

On one hand, the Arizona Cardinals destroyed the Panthers in the NFC Divisional game. On the other hand, I do not like the Steelers.

I do love all the press conferences that go on all week.

So I thought I could answer some more questions that have been sent to me.

Q: Loose Skin? You got it? Are you going to get surgery to get it off?

A: I do have some. Believe it or not, I actually do not have as much as I thought I would. In fact, with working out, I think some of it has toned up. I have some in my upper arms, thighs, and a little on my stomach.
I wrote a post about it before, and I think it is a very valid question. Here is my response:
I am going to live with the skin. It does not pose a health risk, although the surgery does, and it is VERY costly! The only way you really can see the skin is if i am naked. So I do not think anyone will be seeing the skin.
It also reminds me about the struggle of weight, and how I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (no pun intended!)

Q: How much Water do you drink a day? Do you only drink water?

A: I drink about 1.5-2 gallons of water a day. I take in a good amount of fiber, so I need the water to clean my system.
I did start to have a cup of black coffee here and there. I never was a coffee drinker before. Now, I enjoy my cup.

Q: Does Weight Watchers like you? Do you still post on the boards?

A: Yes and No. The majority of people I have met in this journey have been members of Weight Watchers, which are some of the nicest people in the world. Not only supportive, but very helpful!
The main WW…not so much. They have told me that I lost the weight too quick, and I will not become a leader because in order to become one, you must be the weight that WW says is a “desired” weight. For me, it is around 160. Sometimes at 208, I think I look too skinny!
I do believe in the program, and it has helped me, along with many other things.
On the boards, I rarely post now. Sometimes I will sprinkle a comment here or there, if I update a picture or something. i am a nuisance to the die hard threaders out there, and I understand their point! The truth is, I am not a good forum person. I post and run. Email, Facebook and this blog are the best ways to get in touch with me, since it goes to my phone!

Q: Do you belong to any other weight loss/fitness communities?

A: Yes! I LOVE SPARKPEOPLE!! It is like Myspace meets Facebook meets Forums meets Blogs! I have not met a single mean person on there. In fact, I have met some of the nicest people on there! Very supportive and it gives some awesome information!
I also like Traineo and Myfitnesspal. If you know of any more, please share with me! I meet such nice people in all the groups!

Q: Who are your favorite Bloggers?

I have a ton.I am going to highlight them more often! They are all on my blogroll. Some are more fun than others, but all are great. Here are my personal favorites, part one:

1. Carlos– The best 48 seconds you will get out of any day. Bold, brash, honest! Love it!

2. Pamela– Kept off over 150 pounds for some time. Also, let me know if you meet someone nicer. I have not!

3. Israel– His website is like Disneyland! Mine is like a mechanical horse in front of a grocery store!

4. Mizfit– How does this woman have time to write witty comments on so many blogs. Another real nice person, and a fun writer!

5. Linda– This English Teacher has a great blog, and puts things in perspective!

6. Giyen– It is like the cereal Kix. Don’t know why, but I love it! No, I know why, she writes very well!

Here are some others. If you are looking for Inspiration:

Karen, Wes, Spunkysuzi, Steve

If your blog is not on my blogroll, let me know an I will pop it on. Also, I love so many blogs that I think I will highlight some every so often. more than once a month!

Q: Do you get a lot of negative email?

A: Yes! I get a lot now. It ranges from I cheated, to I am a cocky SOB, to I will gain the weight back soon. At first it bothered me. I would like if I said it still does not bother me.
The funniest thing that put it into perspective was I got a anonymous email. No name, nothing, just the email address. Here is what the email said:
” I wish my blog was popular enough to get negative email!”
I guess it comes with the territory 🙂

Those are some questions I have gotten. let me know if this interests you. I love answering what I can!

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