Today started like any other day. I woke up with the dog barking.

Nothing new!

I checked my email and responded to a couple of them.

Nothing new!

I put on a hoodie and was off to the gym.

Nothing new!

I went on the elliptical machine, and worked out to Lady GaGa Goo Goo Dolls Clarkson.


Anyway, while I was on the machine, I was super excited and surprised to see a leader from Weight Watchers! She is this triathlete who is all about fitness, which I love. She is nice, and loves to talk, which is something I like to do as well!
She went on the machine next to me, and started to work out and chat with me.

This was very exciting!

I had so many questions, like how many people does she motivate, how many meetings does she do, etc.

Before I could say anything, she asked:

“Tony, why did you join Weight Watchers?”

Hmmm…easy! I told her the story of the numbness in my arms, and going to the doctor, and how he told me I needed Gastric Bypass surgery or I would die.

This is where my whole day changed. Actually, she said something to me that I should have realized, but I have never thought about. She put my whole life in perspective with one comment:

“Wow! Look at you. Even if you wanted it, you could not get gastric surgery now!”

She made that comment at 8:04am. I was on the elliptical machine for 4 minutes and 32 seconds. I had so many questions to ask the leader.

I did not say another word!

No, nothing else came out of my mouth. That comment consumed me. What did she mean I could not have the surgery. Why not? Did I lose the weight?

After working out, I ran home and Googled Gastric Surgery Requirements.

This is what I saw

One of the qualification requirements is your body weight. If you weigh a hundred pounds or more than your ideal body weight or you have a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than forty, you may qualify for the procedure. You should also have been subjected at least six months in structured weight loss programs monitored by your doctor but have shown little or no progress in losing weight. Medical conditions that can be improved with weight loss are also one of the criteria for Bariatric surgery. If you possess one or more of these conditions including arthritis, bladder weakness, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure or hypertension, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea, then you may qualify for the surgery.

I realized that I was not over 100 pounds overweight anymore, and my BMI was 31.0. The surgery that was supposed to save my life eleven months ago could not be performed on me.

I proved my doctor wrong! I proved a lot of people wrong!

I guess I am going to have to come to terms that I am not obese. I am closer than ever to not being overweight. It is a weird feeling.
Don’t get me wrong. It is A WONDERFUL FEELING!!! I guess it does not seem real!

When I set out on this journey, my goal was to get healthy. That is all I wanted to do!

Now, I can say that I have done it.

See, I knew I loved Weight Watchers leaders 🙂

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